Covid News: UK exceeds herd immunity threshold by Monday as vaccine drive surges | UK | News

Expert modeling at University College London suggests that the number of people protected from coronavirus by vaccination or previous infections will reach 73.4% on April 12. This is enough to put the country into herd immunity. The university also predicted that the threshold levels required for herd immunity would plummet towards the summer. In the UK, it takes only 40% protection in a few months to be protected.

Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics based on antibody tests released last week revealed that by March 14, more than half (54 percent) of people had antibodies.

However, since then, more than 7 million people have received the first dose of vaccine jab and nearly 100,000 have been tested to be Covid-positive.

Professor Carl Friston of UCL said: However, they are unobtrusive given that more than 50% of adults are vaccinated, about 42% are exposed to the virus, and about 10% have pre-existing immunity. ..

“Given the estimated effectiveness of vaccination with respect to immune sterilization, this means that, according to the model, about 70% of the population is immune.

“Based on the contact rate at the start of the pandemic and the estimated risk of infection, this is almost at the herd immunity threshold.”

Former MEP Hiroshi David Bull, Deputy Leader of the Brexit British Political Party, praised Britain’s latest breakthrough in Covid herd immunity.

He tweeted to 28,600 Twitter followers. “According to UCL, the UK will exceed the threshold required for herd immunity against Covid on Monday.

“Data show that the number of people protected from the virus by vaccination or previous infections reached 73.4% on April 12, sufficient to put the country into herd immunity.”

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The UK has been widely praised for its rapid rollout of vaccination programs and has purchased Oxford / AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and the newly launched model Najab tens of millions of times in advance.

According to government data up to Tuesday, 31.7 million people in the UK have been vaccinated with at least one Covid vaccine, and it is estimated that more than 60% of adults have received their first vaccination so far.

The latest breakthrough is with Health Minister Matt Hancock trying to reassure the British people with the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine after regulators have revealed a one-millionth chance of dying from a rare blood clot. I am the chief scientist.

He encouraged all people under the age of 30 to receive alternative vaccines to accept jabs and added “more than enough” doses of Moderna and Pfizer to this group.

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Hancock said the vaccine is now breaking the link between Covid’s case and death in the UK and saving “thousands of lives.”

The Minister of Health told Sky News: “The number of people who died in Covid has halved in the last nine days … and has fallen 90 percent from its peak.”

In an interview with BBC Breakfast, he said, there are about 10.2 million people in the UK between the ages of 18 and 29, of whom 1.6 million have been vaccinated for the first time.

Talking directly to that age group, he added: “The vaccine is safe. If you want to get a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine instead, that’s fine.

“Covid is a terrifying illness, and long covids, like other age groups, can affect people in their twenties and have debilitating side effects that essentially ruin your life.”

“The safety system around this vaccine is so sensitive that it can pick up four millionths of events (potential for developing a rare stroke)-this is a long-haul flight.”

Covid News: UK exceeds herd immunity threshold by Monday as vaccine drive surges | UK | News

Source Covid News: UK exceeds herd immunity threshold by Monday as vaccine drive surges | UK | News

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