Covid News Live: Sajid Javid details new measures for the first Omicron coronavirus case found in the UK

Announced by PM wearing masks at shops and transportation

Health Minister Sajid Javid is expected to outline when and how new Covid measures will take effect after the first case of a new Omicron variant is detected in the United Kingdom.

Face covers are mandatory in UK stores and public transport. Boris Johnson Announced on Saturday in a “temporary and preventative” measure to combat variants.

This happens after the first two cases (which are “linked” and related to a trip to southern Africa) occur in the United Kingdom late Friday.

Deal with the country in Downing Street At a press conference, the Prime Minister also revealed that all arrivals in the UK should undergo a PCR test and be quarantined at home until negative. COVID The result has been confirmed. He added that all these new rules will be reviewed within three weeks.

This measure has been criticized as “Plan B Light” by scientists who believe it is not enough to tackle “very contagious” mutants.

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Good morning, live coverage of the coronavirus pandemic has increased today.

Sajid Javid will provide a detailed overview of the new coronavirus protection after the UK has detected the first two cases of the new Omicron variant.

The Minister of Health is expected to expand his announcement when he appears on the BBC. Andrew Marr Show Late this morning.

Chiara GiordanoNovember 28, 2021 08:21


Watch: Omicron variants are unlikely to cause new waves in the UK, the professor says

Andrew Pollard states that Omicron variants are very unlikely to cause a new pandemic wave in the United Kingdom.

Sam hancockNovember 28, 2021 01:10


Spain bans unvaccinated British as Israel closes borders for all visitors

Following my previous post (11:00 pm), this is our deputy news editor Alastair Jamison More about countries that are tightening their borders.

As countries around the world tighten border restrictions amid concerns about the new Omicron coronavirus variant, entry into Spain from Wednesday will be limited to fully vaccinated British tourists.

So far, British have been able to enter Spain by showing that their PCR test results were negative 72 hours before arrival, but from December 1st there is also evidence of Covid-19 vaccination. You will need.

This variant, also found in Belgium, Botswana, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, has caused a wave of global concern and travel restraint, but epidemiologists say that such restrictions are globally imposed by Omicron. He says it may be too late to stop circulating.

This is because Switzerland has imposed a 10-day quarantine on travelers arriving from the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Egypt and Malawi.

Sam hancockNovember 28, 2021 00:50


Brazil imposes further travel restrictions

Let’s move to Brazil, where health regulator Ambiza recommends expanding the travel restrictions already imposed in connection with Omicron variants to include Angola, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.

This recommendation is made the day after Brazil closes its borders to travelers arriving from South Africa, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Regulators do not have the authority to enforce such travel restrictions, so Anvisa’s recommendations must be implemented by the government.

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Everything we know about the new Omicron variant

World Health Organization (WHO) officials have named the new B.1.1529 coronavirus variant “Omicron” and designated it as a mutant of concern just weeks after it was first detected.

The announcement was made on Friday amid growing concerns that it is highly infectious and could reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. But given the recent emergence of Omicron, scientists believe it can take months to better understand the magnitude of the threat that Omicron poses.

What is certain is that this variant, derived from the B.1.1 lineage, has an “unprecedented” and “very rare” number of mutations.

But what else do you know? Eleanor Sly When Emily Atkinson Research.

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Watch: Johnson announces PCR tests for everyone arriving in the UK

PCR test for all arrivals, PM announces an attempt to fight the Omicron variant

Sam hancockNovember 27, 2021 23:51


ICYMI: Ashworth outlines the steps needed to “get ahead of Omicron”

Shadow Secretary of State for Health Jonathan Ashworth previously outlined what he believes is a necessary step in tackling a new variant of Omicron Covid.

His advice included measures such as encouraging people with symptoms to stay at home and taking appropriate sick leave to ensure the necessary ventilation in closed spaces such as schools.

Labor lawmakers are currently in quarantine and Covid’s own test tested positive on Friday.

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Eight lessons from a previous Omicron press conference

Boris Johnson has joined Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Witty and Chief Scientific Advisor Sarpatrick Valence for a press conference on Saturday’s Downing Street.

The trio is discussing new measures following the emergence of the Omicron coronavirus variant in the United Kingdom.

The important points from that briefing are:

  1. Face masks will be mandatory in UK shops and public transport starting next week.
  2. Those entering the UK from overseas destinations must undergo a PCR test two days after arrival and self-quarantine until a negative result is obtained.
  3. Persons in close contact with Omicron cases should be self-quarantined for 10 days, regardless of vaccination status.
  4. New measures will be reviewed within 3 weeks.
  5. The two cases found in the United Kingdom are part of the same outbreak, occurring in Essex and Nottingham.
  6. Omicrons can spread among people who have been double vaccinated.
  7. The variant has “widespread” mutations, which means that “at least in part” vaccine protection can be reduced over time, the Prime Minister said.
  8. Omicron “actually changes the risk / benefit calculations” of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization. This means that children under the age of 12 may soon qualify.

Additional reporting by PA

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ICYMI: Experts say Omicron is unlikely to cause a new Covid wave in the UK

Vaccine experts said the new Omicron variant is “very unlikely” to trigger a major new wave of covid pandemics in the UK, despite the sudden return of travel restrictions. rice field.

Professor Andrew Pollard revealed his “optimism” that current vaccines continue to prevent serious illnesses, suggesting that Omicron will not overtake the predominant delta mutants in Europe, our deputy. Political editor writes Rob Merrick..

Professor Polard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, said it was “premature” to see if the new variant could avoid current vaccination and is likely to be unknown for a couple of weeks. Stated. But he said that most of Omicron’s mutations are in the same peplomer portion as the other mutants that have emerged.

“It tells you that the vaccine continues to prevent serious illness when we pass alpha, beta, gamma and delta, despite those mutations present in other mutants. “I will.”

Sam hancockNovember 27, 2021 23:14


Spain closes border with unvaccinated British

Spain has announced that as of next month, UK tourists will only be admitted if they can present evidence of the Covid-19 vaccine.

It is in the midst of a strict travel ban by a new variant of Omicroncovid that is rapidly spreading throughout Europe.

Previously, British travelers were able to enter Spain by presenting their Covid vaccine certificate or by having a negative PCR test 72 hours before arrival.

“The emergence of new variants [Covid] According to a statement in the Spanish State Bulletin, restrictions have been tightened for British people.

It will take effect next Wednesday (December 1st).

Sam hancockNovember 27, 2021 23:00

Covid News Live: Sajid Javid details new measures for the first Omicron coronavirus case found in the UK

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