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Covid News: Fourth Dosage Warning-Boosters Not End of Pandemic Struggle | UK | News

David Katz, an emeritus professor of immunopathology at UCL, simply “doesn’t know” if a fourth jab is needed to provide adequate long-term protection from additional strains of Covid and the virus. However, a shortage of COVID-19 vaccine and failure to immunize developing countries that provide breeding grounds for new variants could obscure the underside of the pandemic for the next few years.

The UK Health and Security Agency is advising that a fourth dose of the vaccine is not necessary. Data show that after 3 months of the third booster, protection against hospitalization for patients over the age of 65 remains approximately 90%.

Professor Katz commented: Generally, there are no side effects for the 4th dose.

“The problem is to inoculate Covid three times and MMR three times. [Measles, Mumps and Rubella], Use 3 doses for DTP [Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis].. We have used 3 doses in a significant number of conditions, but I don’t think they can do any harm and may help protect. “

But he says: “It’s very early to know if the half-life of immunization with RNA-based vaccines like Pfizer and Modana is shorter than other vaccinations. The answer to those questions is still unknown.

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“And that’s what we need to know. We need a fourth vaccine, [but] It will take time. “

Professor Katz added: Yeah, why? I believe in vaccination. And what if there is evidence that this may be a little diminished? good idea.

“That’s when you’re asking me personally. If you’re asking on a population basis, it’s not that simple. There’s something about giving people a fourth dose. [is] This kind of disgust. “

He said Express.co.uk That talk about the need for more Covid vaccines made the immunization process look “infinite,” but said, “We accept endless flu vaccines.”

An article in the Journal of Medical Ethics, published in October 2021, states that it will refrain from booster shots until 10% of all people in all countries are fully vaccinated, saying they did not help other countries during the pandemic. He claimed to be in favor of the World Health Organization (WHO) call, “prolonging the pandemic and harming everyone, including the public.”

Many least developed countries rarely receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. As of January 10, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, and Chad, only 0.3, 1.1, and 1.7% of the population received initial doses, respectively.

In October, WHO Senior Leader Dr. Bruce Aylward warned that the coronavirus pandemic “can easily worsen by 2022” due to low immunization rates in poor countries.

He added that the pandemic “lasts a year longer than necessary” because poor countries did not have access to the vaccines they needed.

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When asked if the Omicron variant was a sign of a first-world and third-world vaccination mismatch, and if it could be trapped in a vicious cycle of subspecies and booster immunization until immunized. ,

Professor Katz replied: “Yes, that’s just a risk.

“Now it’s another matter whether it will take 2022 or a few years, because who knows. I couldn’t predict how soon it would happen. But that’s true. , A real concern. “

Studies have shown that the vaccine reduces immunity, so the fourth dose was stopped.

“One of the reasons that could be a vaccine drop-off is that we are measuring the antibody as part of the reading, not the T cell response,” Katz said.

“Therefore, even in the absence of antibodies, a perfectly good T cell response may be obtained. Vaccine efficacy may not be measured very accurately. Probably more effective than we think. It is a target.

“But on the contrary, it may be measuring the antibody response and is not functioning normally because there is no T cell response.”

There are two types of T cell responses. One is to make antibodies and the other is to kill infected cells. Professor Katz said: “Both of these responses are needed and memory is needed.”

He explained that “a really good test” of the T cell response to coronavirus has not yet been done, adding: Cellular reaction as opposed to antibody reaction. And even some of the immunosuppressed ones may have a T cell response.

“It’s hard to do it now, because it wasn’t done because it wasn’t done because the T cells may not be circulating. They’re in the tissue. You can’t reach them because they may be in. “

Covid News: Fourth Dosage Warning-Boosters Not End of Pandemic Struggle | UK | News

Source Covid News: Fourth Dosage Warning-Boosters Not End of Pandemic Struggle | UK | News

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