Covid: Less than a quarter of symptom requirement tests, studies show

New studies suggest that less than a quarter of people who develop coronavirus symptoms require testing.

A UK test, trace, and quarantine system compliance study also found that by the end of January, when the latest data were collected, only half of the symptomatic individuals were completely self-quarantined.

Only half of experts, including the Public Health Services (PHE) Behavioral Sciences team in Portondown, Wiltshire, can identify the main symptoms of coronavirus, such as coughing, high temperatures, and loss of taste and odor. I found.

The survey is based on responses from more than 53,800 UK adults to a pandemic-wide survey: “Low compliance with the testing, tracing, and isolation stages, but slowly improving.” Stated.

A total of 37 survey waves were conducted from March 2nd last year to January 27th this year, and each wave had about 2,000 participants.

Researchers have found that the percentage of people requesting a coronavirus test after symptoms appear is 22 percent in the latest wave on January 25 and 27.

Studies have suggested that this has improved over time. Data from May last year to January this year show that only 18% said they requested a test after the symptoms of Covid-19 had appeared in the last 7 days.

The most common reason for not requesting a test was to think that the symptoms were not related to Covid, the symptoms improved or were mild, and they were not in contact with anyone on Covid-19.

Another reason, the researchers found, was that in this case people only needed to self-isolate.

In January, 52% of people with Covid-19 symptoms said they were completely self-quarantined, according to a study published in. BMJ..

This was also higher than when acquired over a long period of time, with 43% complying with the rules for self-isolation across all waves of data collection.

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Men, young people, and those with young children can be self-isolated, as well as those with a working class background, those experiencing greater financial difficulties, and those working in major sectors. The sex has become low.

Common reasons for not being completely self-isolated include going to a store or work, medical needs other than Covid-19, caring for vulnerable people, exercising or meeting others, and symptoms. It may be mild or improved.

“Our data suggest a low self-reporting rate of full compliance with isolation and testing, as well as recognition of the main symptoms of Covid-19,” said a specialist, including King’s College London. The house said.

They added: “The rate of symptom recognition, testing, and complete self-quarantine is so low that the effectiveness of current forms of UK testing, tracking, and quarantine systems is limited.”

The latest National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) data Indicates that 90% of them said they had to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace after contact with positive Covid cases.

On the other hand, about 1 in 10 respondents said they had performed at least one activity that violated the self-quarantine requirement. This includes Covid-19 testing, outdoor recreation, medical reasons without exercise, and directions to stores.

March, member of the Public Accounting Committee The impact of NHS test and trace is still unknown, Despite the UK government securing £ 37 billion in two years.

The report found that the test and trace system ran out of “unimaginable” amounts of taxpayer money and failed the task of preventing the second and third blockades.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health (DHSC) said: “Since May last year, NHS Test and Trace has contacted 3.2 million people who tested positive and an additional 6.4 million contacts.

“Myriad lives have been saved behind these numbers, and the latest ONS statistics show that the overwhelming majority do so when people are asked to quarantine.”

They added: As the epidemic of coronavirus diminishes, our testing and tracking systems become more important in identifying and controlling local outbreaks while responding quickly to threats from new variants. “

Additional report by Press Association

Covid: Less than a quarter of symptom requirement tests, studies show

Source link Covid: Less than a quarter of symptom requirement tests, studies show

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