Covid: Leading scientists warn the country a new wave will fall this month

Britain will see a new wave of Covid Infections Leading scientists warned this month.

Professor Christina Pagel, of University College London, told a team of independent emergency scientific advisers: “This month we will have a new wave of infections. Now we hope it will not be as high as the previous two waves and may be lower. But we can not count on that and in any case, we are going to see more people get infected. ”

Professor Paige said there are currently four options Omicron “Everything is growing fast,” while the previous wave of March had two options.

He added: “It is not surprising that we have a new wave that we see in the data. What has happened is that people do not want to watch and we turn a blind eye to it.

“This is our third wave in six months. So we had Delta for six months, now we have Omicron every two months. Omicron kids in a row are better than Omicron – that didn’t happen with Delta.

The Independent Sage scholar said it was not a “big circumstance” that this new wave had struck just at the time of the jubilee weekend, with the mixing of the growing community.

Information about this is spread by the National Statistics Office ვიდed Infections in the community showed signs of increase after a two-month decline.

At the same time, Covid recipients in England are still growing, with the latest data, as of June 10, 4,262 patients being treated with Covid, compared to 3,800 on June 3.

On June 1, the NHS sent letters to hospitals and GP practices outlining new infection control measures that included reducing the requirement for patients to wear masks.

During a meeting with the Independent Sage, Dr. Helen Salisbury said the move was “disappointing” and not a good reason.

On Thursday, Dr. Jamie Lopez Bernal, a consultant epidemiologist at the UK Health and Immunization Agency (UKHSA), said: “Covid-19 incidence rates are declining, but vaccination is important to reduce the risk of serious illness. If you have not yet taken advantage of the vaccine offer or missed your most recent inclusion, please log out now.

“Recent data have shown a slight increase in positivity and hospitalization rates with Covid-19. “These small increases should be explained with caution, as the data may be delayed due to the anniversary banking holiday.”

Earlier this week, John Roberts, a member of the Covid-19 Actuaries Group, told Independent There will be an increase in receivers and a new wave.

Covid: Leading scientists warn the country a new wave will fall this month

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