Covid infection rates in the UK remain at almost record highs, says the ONS

Covid infection levels Great Britain Remains almost at a record level, with 1 in 13 people infected last week, new figures show.

The National Statistics Office (ONS) is estimated to have caught 4.88 million people COVID-19 From March 28 to April 2, it slightly decreased from the previous week’s record of 4.91.

In EnglandAs of April 2, about one in 13 people in the week were likely to test positive for Covid-19, or 4.1 million people, the ONS said. It is unchanged from Sunday to March 26th.

Across the border, in Wales, the rating has risen from 14 to 13 people. In Northern Ireland, the percentage of positive testing on Covid-19 was “unclear,” the ONS said. Last week, 1 in 16 had the virus, which dropped to 1 in 15.

Scotland alone experienced a noticeable drop in numbers, from 451,200 to 396,800, from about 1 in 13.

“While the infections are high, in our latest data there are early signs that they may no longer be growing in some parts of the UK,” said Sarah Crofts, of the Office for National Statistics.

“In the regions of England, there is a mixed picture of trends and we have seen a welcome decline in Scotland.

“However, rates in Wales continue to rise and the trend in Northern Ireland is unclear.

“It’s too early to say whether the infection has reached its peak in England and Scotland. We will continue to closely monitor the data. “

The ONS said the percentage of people who tested positive in England increased between the ages of 12 and 34 in the school year and those over the age of 70.

Infection rates fell in children aged 2 to 6 years and in adults aged 35 to 49 years.

Professor Paul Elliott, of Imperial College London, has warned that older age groups may be more vulnerable amid Covid’s current high levels due to impaired immunity.

“Many older people underwent a booster dose in October or November last year, so there is likely to be some reduction in the vaccine if not hospitalization,” he told the BBC.

He said young people have received a third dose more recently than older people, and that the virus is spreading to age groups is a cause for concern.

Professor Eliot said: “These trends are worrying because when too many people become infected, it can lead to more people becoming seriously ill and needing to go to the hospital.”

As of Wednesday, 20,409 people were in the hospital with Covid, and because of this – the highest rate since February 2021. As both primary and casual admissions have increased in recent weeks, hospital leaders have warned of pressure on the NHS.

Covid infection rates in the UK remain at almost record highs, says the ONS

Source link Covid infection rates in the UK remain at almost record highs, says the ONS

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