COVID: Hugh Jackman, Jimmy Fallon, Lupita Nyongo reveal positive test results when Omicron is skyrocketing in the United States in the stars | Ent & Arts News

Hugh Jackman, Billie Eilish, and Jimmy Fallon are one of the stars sharing positive COVID test results to encourage others to be fully vaccinated.

This is because the rapidly prevailing variants of Omicron are causing a huge surge in the US case. Over 1 million people reported in one day This week-world record.

Many familiar actors, presenters and comedians tested positive and were forced to cancel shows and interviews.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman said his symptoms were mild and he would soon return to stage.

The 53-year-old actor tested positive on December 28th.

The Greatest Showman star said in a 30-second Instagram video that was watched nearly 3 million times that he was experiencing “mild symptoms” such as “itching in the throat” and “runny nose.”

He urged viewers to be “safe, healthy and kind.”

Broadway Musical Music Man, Where Jackman was starring, he had to cancel the performance until January 6th.

Lupita Nyongo

26th Screen Actors Guild Awards-Arrival-Los Angeles, California, USA, January 19, 2020-Lupitanyon & # 39; o.Reuters / Monica Almeida
Lupita Nyongo told fans to protect themselves from this “serious illness”

The Black Panther star announced her positive results on Twitter on Tuesday.

She urged fans to wear a mask and vaccinate, saying, “Do everything you can to protect yourself and others from serious illness.”

A virtual interview to promote her new movie The 355, Jessica Chastain will also star, but I had to cancel.

Whoopi Goldberg

Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala-Met Gala-USA: Fashion Lexicon-Arrival-New York, USA-September 13, 2021. Woopi Goldberg.Reuters / Mario Anzuoni
Whoopi Goldberg missed a shot because he tested positive for COVID

The View, the host of the US talk show, was tested positive for the virus on Monday, when he was absent from filming the first show since Christmas.

Her co-host Joy Behar reassured fans that Goldberg had “very, very mild” symptoms and was well vaccinated and well.

Jimmy Fallon

Actor and TV moderator Jimmy Fallon poses for a photographer arriving for the opening of a new exhibition "Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones" November 15, 2016, in Manhattan, New York City, USA.Reuters / Mike Seger / File Photo
Jimmy Fallon thanked the producer for “taking the test protocol seriously”

The comedian and chat show host tested positive on the first day of his Christmas holidays.

He said how “lucky” he was to have only mild symptoms due to receiving the booster vaccine.

The 47-year-old thanked the producer of The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon. “We take the test protocol seriously.”

He posted his photo in a mask in a closed room on Instagram, “Thanks to NBC … and put me in a quarantine room,” What are you talking about? “About Willis. I said thank you for your help. News to me. “

Seth Meyers

25th Critics Choice Awards-Arrival-January 12, 2020, Santa Monica, CA-Seth Meyers.Reuters / Danny Moroshok
Seth Meyers had to cancel filming his chat show for the rest of the week

A fellow comedian has announced a late-night show with Seth Meyers After a positive COVID yesterday, the rest of the week will be cancelled.

The 48-year-old tweeted “I’m fine” to 5 million followers and thanked the vaccines and boosters for their virus protection.

He asked the fans when the show came back, “to see what cool place to try and pass as a studio.”

LL Cool J

LL Cool J will perform after being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, USA on October 30, 2021.Reuters / Gehren Morse
LL Cool J told fans to have a “happy and healthy New Year” after canceling the show in New York

Musicians were forced to cancel their New Year’s Eve performance in New York after a positive test.

In a statement to the US magazine People, DJ admitted that the news was “disappointed by millions of fans” and was excited to see it “in a special way” in his hometown in 2022.

He wished his fans a “healthy and happy New Year”.

Billie Eilish

Singer Billie Eilish poses at LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles, California, USA on November 6, 2021. REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni
Billie Eilish said he thought he would have been “dead” without the vaccine.

Last month, pop stars told the US radio show Howard Stern Show. She was infected with the virus in August and had been suffering from health for the next two months.

She told the radio host, “I want to make it clear that it’s because of a healthy vaccine,” and added that “I would have been dead” without it.

COVID: Hugh Jackman, Jimmy Fallon, Lupita Nyongo reveal positive test results when Omicron is skyrocketing in the United States in the stars | Ent & Arts News

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