Covid crisis ‘not over’ as hospitalization rises to two weeks, warns Chris White

Covid hospitalization will continue for at least two weeks, the government chief physician Chris Whit warned.

Dr Whit told a local government association conference on Wednesday that the Covid-19 crisis was “not over” and said new variants of the disease could emerge at any time.

He pointed to the latest data showing that the number of patients with Covid in hospitals is increasing and said it is likely to continue for at least two weeks.

The chief medical officer said the current increase in cases was “currently due to Omicron and not new options”, but said “we need to look at this as new options could appear anywhere in the world at any time, including the UK. Happened with alpha variants.

He said fortunately the mortality rate is still low, but hospitalization means there was still pressure on the NHS.

When asked about the completion of free testing for the public on April 1, Dr. Whit said it was a “deal between inequalities because the results of free testing will probably vary in the community and the very significant amounts involved. Which deals differently with other public health issues. “

“Ministers have been elected with this balance, they want to prioritize other issues and then free testing, but I do not think anyone has any illusions that this has some downsides … no one is going to give an easy answer to this, it is balanced and fundamentally ministerial.”

However, he said the testing for staff in the health and social care settings was “slightly different” because the risks to people are greater and those who are in hospital or nursing homes are more vulnerable.

He said: “So we always expected a more dynamic approach to testing in healthcare facilities when transfer rates are very high. So of course at this point, in my opinion, although we do not expect to do the testing regimen we are currently doing indefinitely, this is definitely the time when public health advice will be that where you are dealing with vulnerable We have to be really careful with the population. “

Despite the completion of the free trial, Dr Whit said the UK would maintain a “significant residual capacity” for fixing options.

The chief medical officer’s comments came on the second anniversary of the day the UK declared a national closure.

Covid crisis ‘not over’ as hospitalization rises to two weeks, warns Chris White

Source link Covid crisis ‘not over’ as hospitalization rises to two weeks, warns Chris White

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