COVID can upset women’s ashes, World Cup

COVID can upset women’s ashes, World Cup

Australia and England have been warned that players infected with COVID at the end of female ashes will not be allowed in the World Cup.

Australian squad Ash Earlier next week, players will enter a seven-day quarantine period before entering the camp on January 17th.

After joining the multi-format series, they depart for a 10-day quarantine period. new Zealand Only a few days later.

But the threat COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) There was a large loom and authorities said late additions to the mobile company were not allowed.

“It will be difficult,” said Chief Selector Sean Flegler.

“That’s why we’re trying to introduce a protocol to minimize COVID problems.

“But in BBL and other competitions, as we’ve seen over the past few weeks, it can be very difficult.”

The four women’s National Cricket League games scheduled for this weekend have already been postponed, and Flegler refuses to say if the players on the expected team are already affected by COVID.

“There’s a few things we’re working on, that’s for sure,” Flegler said.

“What we are seeing is that we need to be prepared for some players to miss the game.

“The strength we have is that we have many players who can come on behalf of those who have COVID.”

Selected players may be told they will not be able to leave the house except for essential reasons from next week, but Australia and Australia’s A team will minimize the risk of occurrence on both teams. Will be split for

Flegler said the nature of continuous tournaments means that women face stricter restrictions than men.

“They are definitely absolutely tight,” said Freggler.

“We also need to keep in mind Britain. Their focus is not only on the ashes, but also on defending the World Cup title.

“If you need to tighten things towards the back end of the series, consider doing so.

“We are trying to balance that with allowing players and staff to live in some normal condition.”

Australia’s biggest choice headaches occur in the spin department, where both Sophie Molino and Georgia Wareham were injured.

While Jess Jonasen returns after missing the Indian series, Selector will consider whether to recall Amanda Jade Wellington or fellow Leggie Alana King.


COVID can upset women’s ashes, World Cup

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