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Covid: British who refuse to wear face masks on public transport or stores face a fine of £ 200 | UK | News

The report claims that changes to the coronavirus rules in the UK on Tuesday will result in a fine of £ 200 for British who refuse to wear face masks on public transport and stores. Enforcement of stricter mask wearing rules follows concerns about Omicron variants from South Africa.

The National Security Agency yesterday revealed that there were three cases of this variant in the United Kingdom. One is Essex, one is Nottingham, and the other is a visitor to Westminster.

Boris Johnson, 57, announced at a COVID-19 press conference on Saturday that England would re-impose the rules for covering his face.

The Prime Minister added that the rules would be reviewed within three weeks.

According to the telegram, the fine system will be the same as it was in force at the time of the last blockade.

Every time an individual violates a rule, the fine is reportedly doubled to £ 400 for the second offense and £ 800 for the third offense.

The highest fines an Englishman may face are worth up to £ 6,400.

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However, if you are fined £ 200, you are said to be able to pay a £ 100 discount within 14 days of being fined.

The large format reports that regulatory changes will be submitted to Congress later today.

After that, it will take effect on Tuesday at 4 am.

This move will bring England in line with measures in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All of these require you to already wear a mask in a particular environment.

The new UK rules do not apply to the hospitality sector and cannot be enforced on members of the House of Commons.

Health Minister Sajid Javid, 51, announced his support for the mask-wearing rules on Sunday.

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Bromsgrove, a member of parliament who returned to the cabinet after Matt Hancock resigned in June, said:

“It’s due to government regulation, and I think it means people take it seriously,” he added.

When asked by Sky News whether the British would comply with the rules, the former Prime Minister said:

“I think it’s important to act proportionally and temporarily.”

However, the General Secretary of the Rail, Shipping and Transport Union (RMT) has expressed concern that train workers will be struck by frustration following wear regulations.

Mick Lynch, 59, said:

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Instead, RMT Secretary suggested that the government should “make available resources to crack down on the reintroduction of this mask” and “end the disjointed approach and the turmoil that is characteristic of this administration.” And get consistency to avoid confusion, “he added.

Such concerns were shared by Unite’s State Officer for Passenger Transport, Bobby Morton.

According to Telegraph, Morton said:

“Unite’s advice to bus drivers is clear. It’s not their role to force them to wear masks, it’s their responsibility to drive and operate the bus safely.

“The job of forcing people to wear masks is the job of bus operators and police.”

James Roman, Chief Executive Officer of the Convenience Store Association, said: Cover your face at the store.

“We continue to encourage stores to communicate the rules, but we do not challenge those who refuse to comply with the rules.”

UK supermarkets are believed to be waiting for the UK Government to provide further advice and will continue to inform staff and customers.

Covid: British who refuse to wear face masks on public transport or stores face a fine of £ 200 | UK | News

Source Covid: British who refuse to wear face masks on public transport or stores face a fine of £ 200 | UK | News

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