Covid and climate fears drive British to a boating holiday

With Covid climate Fear seems to be exploding the number of people exchanging hotels Boating holiday.

With Coronavirus pandemic On international flights, many families chose to stay last summer – and some set foot in the boat holiday territory for the first time.

According to Lesley Robinson, CEO of British Marine, the annual host Southampton International Boat Show, Marina has a waiting list for the first time in 5 years, and the demand for boats is currently “really, really strong”, both new and used.

The leisure marine industry, as in most cases, has been hit hard by Covid, but a boom in boat interest and what Ms. Robinson calls the “British Staycation Effect” are helping to recover. ..

“Like all other industries, the leisure marine industry was hit when we were all blocked in March 2020,” she said. Independent.

“Obviously, Brexit has had the same impact as any other industry. For example, if you want to buy a new boat in Europe, some of the new documents people have to fill out are reassuring.” 2 You have to pay the second VAT, but it’s gone and can affect you.

“But in reality, the bigger impact I think at this point is generally the result of Covid. What we all see in the shortage of supply chains, labor and truck drivers is a component of the supply chain. Covid is happening in other countries of our supply, which means it’s difficult to capture.

“That hit us badly, but what we saw last summer and this year is the demand of its consumers.

“At the end of last year, it was a safe way to escape this year with the UK’s staycation effect, and the impact actually helped our industry recover somewhat.”

Robinson, who won the OBE for the Queen’s Birthday Honors for servicing the Leisure Marine category, said holiday boat rental companies are seeing a surge in bookings not only this summer but also next year.

“For example, we have Midlands canal boat operators, 15 marina, and members of a large employment fleet business. Like many other members, they are now fully booked for more than half a year. Much later than usual in the season, “she said.

“When I heard a few words and asked what happened next year, the 2022 booking was tripled compared to the usual pre-pandemic location, not a postponement from this year. This is a real new booking. is. .”

ABC Leisure Group, which can rent narrowboats from 15 inland marina in England, Scotland and Wales, said revenues increased 26% compared to 2019.

According to the Canal River Trust, August this year’s figures show a 10% increase in lock usage compared to the same period last year, more than the two years before the pandemic, and one-third of 2018 usage. It shows that it has increased soon.

Former Queen of Jungle Georgia Atforo takes a selfie with Team GB athletes at the Southampton International Boat Show

(Jamie Nagioff / Ready10)

Drifters Waterway Holidays, which consists of nine boat rental companies including ABC and Black Prince, said all operators had a record year despite losing the first six weeks of the season, including Easter. rice field.

According to the company, most of the operator’s boats, which make up more than half of the canal’s boat rental market, were full during the summer and looked busy in September 2022 and 2022.

Ms. Robinson believes this trend may continue as more and more people discover the benefits of getting out of the water, such as reducing anxiety, and are “overall environmentally friendly.”

“People are slowing down,” she said, discovering the “great” coastline that Britain must offer.

Boating has traditionally been a popular pastime in Britain, but British Marine bosses say they see a little younger demographics and more families involved in the industry.

She also wants to act as a role model and encourage more women to join the industry and help improve gender balance.

British Marine, an industry association for the UK’s leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry, is currently hosting its annual Southampton International Boat Show.

The event, which was canceled due to a pandemic last year, runs until Sunday, where you can try different forms of boating and water sports.

The organizers are now in the third year of a five-year pledge to make the show more sustainable. This includes exhibitors abandoning all disposable PET bottles and using only compostable cups and plates. Refill the reusable flask.

In 2019, the event converted 7.5 tonnes of waste from landfills for these actions. This is the goal the Royal Marines want to defeat this year.

The Southampton International Boat Show will run from September 10th to 19th. See below for more information and tickets.

Covid and climate fears drive British to a boating holiday

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