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Jamaica, Grenada and Nigeria are one of the countries that could be moved to the Red List today, according to data experts.

The government is set to update that COVID-19 Travel List As part of a review that takes place every three weeks.

Countries and regions are listed as follows Red, amber or green -Use different rules for each of the three lists.

Sky News spoke with data expert Tim White to find countries that could be affected.

Which countries are at risk of being added to the Red List this week?

Jamaica When GrenadaAccording to White, destinations that are popular with Caribbean tourists may be added to the Red List.

Jamaica remained amber in the previous review, but within a few hours the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “advises everything except an essential trip to Jamaica as a whole, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risk.” Announced guidance.

Over the past few days, the number of people arriving from Jamaica at COVID-19 has increased significantly.

Mr White said that if Jamaica was put on the Red List, the Secretary of Transportation would “practically admit a mistake three weeks ago” -and may not do so for that reason.

Grenada said COVID-19 could be the first country to make a direct transition from green to red as COVID-19 spread “amazingly” on a small island in the Caribbean.

According to White, about 1,000 out of 100,000 people test positive for COVID-19 every week and are “in the danger zone.”

He believes that some other small islands in the Americas can be added to the Red List, but the only concern in Europe this time is the Balkan Peninsula.

“”Albania According to the latest NHS results, the infection rate was one of the highest, but the rate seems to be low enough to keep it amber, “he said.

“Serbia Currently, Europe’s strongest and lasting growth of COVID-19 is seen, but levels are still below Montenegro when warned three weeks ago that it could turn red. “

“Since the vaccination rate in Serbia is good, I think I avoid red.

“”Kosovo It should already be red, but its fate may be related to Serbia and seems to be set to survive again. “

Farther away Iran When Iraq Mr White believes that the fact that they remain is a “mystery,” but it could remain amber again.

In Africa, the data is Nigeria He said it could be vulnerable.

He said Saint Lucia He is at risk because of the increased infection rate since the last travel review, but now it is declining, the overall number of cases is low, and he suspects that the country may be spared.

Which countries may be off the Red List?

Maldives According to White, it is most likely to be removed from the Red List and moved to amber.

“It’s crazy that the popular archipelago wasn’t removed from red three weeks ago,” he said.

He said the number of cases was small and most were in Male on the main island, which is not popular with tourists.

Mr. White said that the “excuse” given to the country that remained in the red was that he did not submit the genomic sequence data used to identify the mutant, but he is now submitting and reporting. It is one of the top 32 countries in the country.

“There is no more excuse. Sense must be prioritized,” he said.

Data experts Dominican Republic It must be removed, but it may not be removed because it does not perform a genomic sequence.

“In my opinion, that’s nonsense,” he said.

“The risk of mutants in such a small number of cases in the Dominican Republic is very small and may be much less than in the amber giants Russia and India, which have very high infection rates, Overall, national rates seem to be acceptable. “

People who want Pakistan When Turkey It may be disappointing to be removed from the Red List.

“Neither has the definitive data I say should be deleted,” White said.

He said Pakistan had “bad” tests and trace numbers, with 3.2% of all arriving passengers testing to be COVID-19 positive.

Although the number of cases is declining, the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests in Pakistan is just over 5%, which White considers to be a benchmark.

Pakistan hasn’t done enough genomic sequencing, White said, which can also cause problems.

Are there any major vacation destinations threatened by this week’s travel review?

In a future review, White said none of Europe’s major vacation destinations were at risk.

“In the last three weeks, infection rates have declined in almost every major holiday hotspot, including France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal,” he said.

He said the only country popular with British tourists to see the rise is Croatia due to the “hotspots” of the incident heading north and east on the continent.

“If you plan to go to Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, or any other Croatian dish, don’t be afraid,” he said.

“The seven-day infection rate is far from a worrying level. In fact, it is currently a bit lower than Austria, which was added to the green list only last month.”

COVID-19 Travel List: Caribbean Hotspots in Countries at Risk to be Red Listed | UK News

Source COVID-19 Travel List: Caribbean Hotspots in Countries at Risk to be Red Listed | UK News

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