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COVID-19: NHS is at its limit and civilians warn that they have “not heard” the blockade | UK News

The NHS is “broken in front of us,” warns top doctors, as people do not follow blockade rules and hospitals are quickly short of staff to keep patients safe.

Dr. Zudin Putuchary, a councilor of the Intensive Care Society and a critical care consultant, told Sky News that he was “scary and angry.” COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) (# If there is no character limit, add parentheses when it first appears The crisis hits hospitals in London in particular.

A A big incident was declared in the capital On Friday Coronavirus An incident that threatens to overtake an already expanding hospital.

Dr. Puthucheary, who also works at Royal London Hospital, said there was a shortage of critical care nursing staff and intensive care units.

“We have more patients and fewer staff than ever before,” he said.

“We cannibalized the staff throughout the hospital. Volunteers are dedicated to caring for these patients and providing the best care we can.

“Staff are doing this and breaking themselves to keep patients safe-and that won’t be enough.”

He added that 7 out of 10 people who received intensive care with the coronavirus survived, or 30% died.

And he warned that survivors could still face long-term damage: “70% of people lose muscle and nearly two kilograms, so they will be physically handicapped for the next few years. It will be. “

Dr. Zudin Puthucheary says he fears the NHS is at its limit

Dr. Puthucheary said the average age of intensive care patients is 60, 90% of patients live a normal working life before admission, and many fill the intensive care unit in their 40s. ..

“They look like me, they look like my wife and my friends-they have children of the same age as me,” he said.

He also said that the term “fundamental health” is “meaningless to our patients and meaningless to us-it doesn’t mean anything” “a term created”. It was.

Dr. Puthucheary said the major incidents declared in London show that hospitals can be deprived of their decision-making ability.

“Staff will be the biggest bottleneck for us and I don’t know what the solution is. It really scares me,” he said. “We don’t have enough critical care staff. We don’t have enough doctors.

“We have volunteers coming in and untrained to support very senior doctors and nursing staff, but critical care nurses can’t be magical for years. It takes years of training. “

And in a message to the general public, Dr. Putuchary said: “I’m scared and angry.

“I’m scared because I’ve reached the point where someone might say that patients can’t be prioritized above all else. Those decisions were robbed of us and none of us got over it. Never. “

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He added: “This pandemic heritage will destroy 2021 and continue to destroy the NHS.

“That’s what scares me, and I’m angry that people haven’t heard. I hear that the footprints of TfL (Transport For London) are twice as much as the first wave. They are home. On Saturday to return to. “

Analysis by Sky News Technology Correspondent Rowland Mantorpe People are moving around more with this current blockadeMore than they did first-the public seems to be accustomed to bending the rules to suit them.

He went on: “I’m angry because we’re talking about protecting the NHS, and it’s clearly failing-we should be talking about protecting national health care. It’s It’s suffering now-not the NHS. The NHS is broken. It’s in front of us and we have no plans to stop it from breaking.

“We need to stop the collapse of national health-that’s what we have to do.

“That’s why I’m angry, and that’s why all our staff are angry.”

COVID-19: NHS is at its limit and civilians warn that they have “not heard” the blockade | UK News

Source COVID-19: NHS is at its limit and civilians warn that they have “not heard” the blockade | UK News

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