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COVID-19: Government “Level Up Agenda” “Failed to Help Students” Market Town | UK News

Born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, 16-year-old Allison is one of thousands of students across the UK who struggled to cope with the pressure of homeschooling during the blockade, resulting in her education suffering. is.

“It was very hard to focus on the house. You can bow at school, but it’s even harder at home,” she said.

Places like Barnsley are a fundamental part of the government’s “level-up” agenda, but local leaders say their “catch-up” plans for coronavirus education haven’t come true.

Allison (right) is instructed by Mary (left) through the GROW scheme.

Therefore, some local governments and schools are digging into their own pockets to fund the needs of lagging students, rather than relying on the central government.

The Barnsley Council has funded £ 176,000 in core resource funding for a GROW mentoring program for secondary schools in the region (some schools also fund their own). This is a catch-up initiative led by Sheffield Hallam University and the Northern Powerhouse Partnership. As a local success story.

The program focuses on mentoring for students who were devoted to learning due to the closure of the school for months and would otherwise have been off the radar. It takes a “trauma-based” approach and focuses on the mental health of students with tailor-made support from local college graduate mentors.

when Pandemic The first thing that was struck was that the Sheffield Haram team consulted with a local school on how they could help their students float. They have put together a package that does not simply prioritize additional tuition fees. This is an important element of the government’s key catch-up agenda.

A more comprehensive catch-up approach is also endorsed by head teachers-in a recent National Head Teachers Association poll, 70% endorse one-on-one tutorials, while nearly two-thirds go government. We also found that we also wanted happiness and mental health at the top of our priority list.

However, GROW was not eligible for government catch-up funding.

“The Barnsley Council has put their hands in their pockets,” said Sue O’Brien, strategic leader of Sheffield Haram’s South Yorkshire Futures program.

Ms. O’Brien states that the government’s “undercooked” flagship program, the National Guidance Program, has limited benefits for students who are enthusiastic about learning because of a pandemic.

“Yes, students need tutoring in some subjects, but in reality they have to be treated as individuals … (catch up with learning) is very complex and there is no quick solution.”

Sheffield Hallam University is at the forefront of the GROW Mentoring Program
Sheffield Hallam University is at the forefront of the GROW Mentoring Program

Mary, Alison’s mentor, was involved in the project after graduating from Sheffield Haram in 2020 with a degree in psychology and counseling from the decimated job market. She says she helped her acquire skills related to her career when she was short of work. Governments need to be aware of the educational disparities that currently exist in “left-behind” towns.

“I think it’s very serious. I don’t think (students) have received enough support. The lack of education they face has really affected them.

“(Government) wants to think they’re doing well. Personally, I don’t. I think such a plan is essential for this generation of students.”

Barnsley, an old mining town, wants a strong recovery after COVID, but funding is tight despite Congress’s purses for such local actions. ..

Barnsley wants a strong recovery after COVID, but funding is tight
Barnsley wants a strong recovery after COVID, but funding is tight

In 2018, the Center for Cities think tank named Barnsley “the most hit region in the UK” when it comes to spending cuts for local governments. Daily spending in 2017-18 was reduced by 40% compared to 2009. 10.10. The council in northern England added that “we couldn’t raise money locally” than our neighbors in the south.

Dangervis, a Labor Party member at Burnsley Central and the mayor of the Sheffield City Region, has allocated funds to run the mayor’s office to help underprivileged local students receive learning facilities and additional assistance. I’m looking around.

He said the catch-up funding provided by Westminster was not provided in places like Barnsley.

Dangervis MP criticized government for level-up fund
Dangervis MP criticized government for level-up fund

“It’s unusual for me to spend money dedicated to something else to ensure that our children are given everything that is happening and have a decent education and opportunity. is.

“The Level Up Fund actually provides less money than was available under the original arrangements in place.

“We’re in the process of arranging to borrow £ 500m because we can’t rely on the level of investment the country needs to drive the economic recovery … I don’t really want to, but I have no choice.

“Government will not be able to level up the country from Whitehall’s desk, and if they are serious (level up), they will need to work very closely with the mayor of the metro and local government leaders. is there.”

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Conservatives are masters of rebranding, and there is no doubt that they have succeeded in remarketing themselves again to appeal to the new cohort of traditional Labor voters.

But if the benefits of voting blue for young people in these communities are not immediately seen, responsibility will be firmly placed on this government door.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education said: £ 1 billion has been invested through their own tutors, and a national tutoring program that provides quality tutors to thousands of young people.

“We also donate over £ 900m to schools through catch-up and recovery premiums, which we can use flexibly to support our students in the best possible way.”

COVID-19: Government “Level Up Agenda” “Failed to Help Students” Market Town | UK News

Source COVID-19: Government “Level Up Agenda” “Failed to Help Students” Market Town | UK News

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