COVID-19: Fully vaccinated travelers from the EU and US do not need to be quarantined when they arrive in the UK from August 2nd | Travel News

The government has confirmed that fully vaccinated travelers from the EU and the United States can evade quarantine when they arrive in the United Kingdom next Monday.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps also announced the resumption of international cruises.

Changes to US and EU arrivals will take effect on August 2, 4 am.

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The announcement came later COVID A strategy meeting attended by ministers.

Chaps said on Twitter: “We help people in the United States and European countries reunite with their British family and friends.

“From 4 am on August 2, people in these countries can come to England from an amber country without quarantine if they are completely isolated.

“The changes apply to fully vaccinated people who are vaccinated with the FDA or EMA. They perform regular pre-departure testing before arrival and PCR testing on the second day of their return to the UK. You need to receive it.

“We can also see the resumption of international cruises and flexible testing programs to help key workers and drive economic recovery. Whether family or business, this is what we all do. It’s an enjoyable progress. “

Currently, anyone arriving in the UK from amber list locations (including most of the US and EU) must have had both doses. coronavirus A jab to circumvent the 10-day self-quarantine requirement as part of the UK’s own vaccination program.

The government had previously promised to review international travel rules by the end of this month.

Ministers said the recent 10-day pilot program proved that travelers from the amber list countries could efficiently and accurately check the COVID vaccination status off the border.

However, the Minister of Labor described the move as “reckless.”

The latest quarantine rule changes were faced with increasing pressure from the aviation industry to exempt double-jab American and European travelers from the aviation industry.

Earlier, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Heathrow Airport claimed in a recent trial that a recent trial demonstrated a safer way to further open up international travel.

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Thérèse Coffey said earlier Wednesday that the government was considering allowing double-jabbed U.S. and European citizens without British quarantine.

Talking to Kay Burley, Labor Pension Secretary Therese Coffey confirmed that discussions are underway between the United States and the United Kingdom on relaxing restrictions.

“I have to say that no decision has been made. Ministers will meet to review the data, but this was discussed between the US President and the Prime Minister during the G7, so we travel. I’m frankly looking at ways to make things easier. “

“The most important thing is to make sure that our borders are safe, that the British people are safe, and that the sacrifices made by the British people are not wasted.”

And Prime Minister Boris Johnson added that he wanted American citizens to be “free” to come to Britain, as they were before the pandemic.

However, Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner said she was “extremely concerned” about the prospect of easing quarantine restrictions for more travelers.

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Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner called the move “reckless.”

“We know that a variant of Delta came to the country, delayed the lifting of some restrictions and caused the infection here,” she told Sky News.

“You need to make sure that you have a proper data-driven analysis and that you have an international passport for your vaccine.

“Of course, we also know that people who have been vaccinated can be infected with the virus, so the testing system is also very important and important.

“So I’m very worried about the government’s announcement by the press this morning.”

A pilot scheme implemented by British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Heathrow will allow approximately 250 fully vaccinated passengers to board a plane on selected flights from New York, Los Angeles, Jamaica and Athens earlier this month. Presented COVID status using paper or digital format before doing so.

Approximately 99% of their documents were confirmed to be genuine and the credentials of the two passengers were denied.

In one case there was a discrepancy between the name on the vaccine card and the name on the passport, while in another it involved a person who was fully vaccinated within 14 days of the trip.

COVID-19: Fully vaccinated travelers from the EU and US do not need to be quarantined when they arrive in the UK from August 2nd | Travel News

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