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COVID-19: Data Reveal Delta Spread in the UK-Variants Make Up 90% of New Cases | UK News

The COVID-19 delta variant is growing exponentially in the United Kingdom, even outside the original hotspot in the northwest. New data has been revealed.

The first variants detected in India, from just over a quarter in early May, now account for more than 90% of Indian cases, according to a Public Health Service (PHE) report.

Rapid spread of the delta It could ruin the government’s plan to take the fourth phase of the roadmap on June 21st. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce his decision on Monday.

According to PHE, in most UK regions, Delta cases double every 4.5 to 11.5 days, with West Midlands and Yorkshire and Hamburg experiencing the fastest rates, but in the northeast. The situation is uncertain.

This variant is still most prominent in the northwestern part of England. Blackburn and Darwin had the highest infection rates for seven days in the week leading up to June 9, with 1,082 cases per 100,000, followed by Bolton (797) and Rossendale (672).

Delta cases are also increasing exponentially in some areas adjacent to these hotspots.

Infection increased in 177 of the 291 municipalities that recorded more than 5 cases last week. Cheshire West and Chester, Gateshead and Leeds recorded the greatest growth.

The sharp rise in numbers may be due in part to the increase in surge tests and sequences in these areas, and the spread of the variants themselves. Until now, it was not believed that exponential growth of this magnitude was occurring in many parts of the United Kingdom.

It was already believed that the delta variant spreads faster than its predecessor, the alpha variant, which was first detected in Kent.

The treatises currently referenced in the PHE report suggest that domestic infection rates are 64% higher, even after adjusting for age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, and vaccination status. ..

Professor Neil Ferguson, a former government adviser to Imperial College London, believes Delta is 60% more infectious overall.

So do we need to worry?

Early data from England and Scotland show that the risk of hospitalization for the delta mutation is high and the chances of hospitalization for the alpha mutation are 2.3 times higher, according to PHE.

Fortunately, however, double-vaccinated people have the same level of protection against delta mutants as they do against alpha mutants.

Since February, only 20 of the 223 hospitalized on Delta have been vaccinated for the second time more than two weeks ago.

A single dose of the vaccine also weakens protection against delta mutants. For some vaccines, it is 17% less effective than alpha.

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi said he wants everyone over the age of 50 to be double vaccinated before the scheduled lifting of restrictions on June 21st.

However, there is a two-week delay before proper initiation of protection, 33% of the UK’s adult population has not received a single dose, and as of June 7, almost a quarter is the first. I only received jabs.

COVID-19: Data Reveal Delta Spread in the UK-Variants Make Up 90% of New Cases | UK News

Source COVID-19: Data Reveal Delta Spread in the UK-Variants Make Up 90% of New Cases | UK News

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