COVID-19: Coronavirus testing is “not required” for fully vaccinated people to avoid quarantine if “pinged” from 16 August | Political News

Sky News understands that fully vaccinated people will not be legally required to undergo a coronavirus test to avoid quarantine if they are “pinged” from 16 August.

The government has already announced that double-jabed people will no longer need to be quarantined after contacting someone who tests positive. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) From that day.

Instead, people were expected to have to take a test to leave isolation..

However, Sky News understands that testing is not mandatory and recommended unless symptoms appear.

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Over 600,000 people were “pinged” in the week leading up to July 14th

This means that individuals who have been vaccinated twice by mid-August do not need to be quarantined or vaccinated. coronavirus Test whether they are identified as close contact with positive cases, unless they feel sick themselves.

This has to do with whether someone is warned via the app or via a call from the NHS Test and Trace.

In response to changes in social media, UK Hospitality Kate Nicholls CEO said: Workers who have not been fully vaccinated by that date-especially the key to hospitality. “

The Prime Minister decided to further relax the quarantine rules Boris Johnson He has finished his own period of self-quarantine.

Prime Minister and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Forced to quarantine after being identified as a close contact of the Minister of Health Sajid Javid Those who tested positive for the virus.

And last week, Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer One of his children was told to quarantine after being infected with COVID-19.

Boris Johnson had to be quarantined in a checker last week after being identified as a close contact with a coronavirus-positive case.

Currently, people warned by the NHS Coronavirus App after contact with someone who has the virus should be quarantined for 10 days regardless of vaccine status, with a few exceptions, including paramedics.

If an individual is instructed to quarantine by NHS Test and Trace, the quarantine period is legally required, but if notified by the app, they will only be notified.

The rule changed on August 16 and the government wants to abolish the quarantine of double-jabbed people unless they have symptoms of the virus.

However, ministers are under pressure from business leaders to move this date forward, with concerns about the number of people forced to be isolated due to so-called “pindemics.”

Over 600,000 people were forced to quarantine during the week leading up to July 14.

On Wednesday, the number of infections in the United Kingdom fell for the seventh consecutive day, with 23,511 new COVID-19 cases and 131 coronavirus-related deaths in the last 24 hours.

However, this figure shows the highest number of daily deaths since March 17, when 141 deaths were reported.

The government hopes to abolish the quarantine of double-jabed people from August 16th, unless the virus manifests itself.

Earlier this week, the government expanded the list of sectors that could avoid quarantine as part of its pilot program.

We also increased the number of test sites across the UK and added 1,200 new sites to the 800 already in operation.

The expanded plan will include people working in prisons, defense, communications, space, fish, and HM Revenue and Customs, the government said.

Last week the government Frontline role Police, fire departments, border forces, etc., regardless of vaccine status, move to daily immunochromatography instead of quarantine.

Paramedics and other important staff ( Transportation, freight and transportation, Was already eligible for exemption, but only if the employer specified a name and was double-jabbed.

COVID-19: Coronavirus testing is “not required” for fully vaccinated people to avoid quarantine if “pinged” from 16 August | Political News

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