Coronavirus News You May Miss Overnight: The Government Goal of 500,000 Tests Endangered Daily as Test and Trace Workers Report New Issues Regarding Problematic Services

The coronavirus continues to hit parts of the UK, and Warrington is currently set to move to a Tier 3 blockade, but the Liverpool mayor limits the city to a new Tier 4 “as needed”. I’m sure I’m not against the move to.

Further away, protests erupted in the Italian region as the country imposes stricter restrictions to curb the outbreak of more than 17,000 new cases confirmed on Monday.

Here’s the news of the coronavirus that you might have missed overnight:

The government is determined to reach its goal of 500,000 tests a day by the end of the month. It takes less than a week to start November, showing that it has reached only 280,000 times.

As of Friday, Downing Street was 220,000 times below its October ambitious goal, while the UK’s testing capacity was 360,000.

This arose in concern that there were too few rapid testers installed in hospitals, and many authorities reportedly rejected the device due to operational concerns.

However, Downing Street said it continued to commit to the goals initially set by Health Minister Matt Hancock in July.

“The goal is still set,” said an official spokesman for the prime minister. “We stated that it was our intention to meet that number by the end of the month.”

UK poor test and tracing service frontline workers complain about technical issues over the weekend and may be delayed in tracing thousands of patients who test positive for the virus ..

Workers reported system failures on Sunday, causing problems passing cases for clinical evaluation and contact tracing, as test and trace services struggled with the surge in daily positive test results.

The problem started around 10am on Sunday and was still experienced by some staff on Monday. Independent I talked to the tracer and saw the messages between the workers on Sunday and Monday to confirm that there were no incidents in the system provided by Sitel.

One worker said: “I knew that there are currently about 20,000 positive cases every day, but I wondered why it was so quiet. I had a problem with the Sitel system and case uploads.

“It was dead, absolutely dead. At one point in time, only strange cases compared to normal went through, it never ends.”

Long-term exposure to contaminated air was previously associated with increased mortality from the coronavirus, but a new study estimates for the first time how much pollution increased the rate of mortality during a pandemic.

The study estimates that approximately 15% of Covid-19 deaths worldwide may be due to long-term exposure to air pollution.

In Europe, that percentage was about 19%, in North America it was about 17%, in East Asia it was about 27%, and in Australia it was 3%.

Research teams from various institutions in Germany and Cyprus have found that these percentages can be avoided if the population is exposed to lower counterfactual air pollution levels without fossil fuel-related or other anthropogenic effects. -19 is an estimate of the mortality rate. ” Emissions “.

However, their study stated that it “does not suggest a direct causal link” between air pollution and Covid-19 mortality, but admitted that it was possible. Instead, the percentages indicate both direct and indirect effects of air pollution and can worsen other health conditions that can lead to death along with the virus.

Belgian doctors are being asked to continue working after a positive coronavirus test, as the second wave of pandemics occurs across Europe and the number of cases is skyrocketing.

At least 10 hospitals in the city of Liege, which suffered the worst damage, have asked medical staff with positive but asymptomatic medical staff to continue working, which is currently about a quarter of all hospital staff. Is believed to be infected with Covid-19.

“The situation is devastating,” said Philippe Devos, an intensivist at CHC Montregia Hospital in Liege. Washington post.. “Liège is probably the most affected area in the world right now. Many doctors and nurses are affected. But starting this week, if the positive cases are asymptomatic, go back to work. Was asked. “

Belgian health minister Frank Vandenbroucke faces the prospect of a new infection “tsunami” that the country “can no longer control what is happening,” as seen in northern Italy at the beginning of the pandemic. I told the broadcaster RTL.

Vandenbroucke described the situation in the capital Brussels and the southern part of the country as “the most dangerous of all Europe”.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the United States is still in the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, with new cases skyrocketing to record levels and the country’s death toll exceeding 225,000.

The White House’s best infectious disease experts say the recent increase in daily cases across the United States is not considered a second or third wave because the first wave did not pass effectively. I did.

“I see it more as an extension of the original first wave, and worse,” Forch said during Yahoo !. Finance All Market Summit.

He states that the country will never reduce the national baseline of new cases to less than 10,000 per day, peaking between 30,000 and 70,000 per day before some states reopen. It was. Towards the fall, cases again increased to 80,000 per day.

According to data from John Hopkins University, new cases in the United States reached about 84,000 on Friday and Saturday.

Coronavirus News You May Miss Overnight: The Government Goal of 500,000 Tests Endangered Daily as Test and Trace Workers Report New Issues Regarding Problematic Services

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