Coronation Street’s Sam Aston and his wife Bryony expect a baby girl: “We feel very lucky.”

Back in October, Coronation Street Actor Sam Aston is the wife of him and his yoga teacher, Briony. Expect a second child together..

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There’s a lot of excitement in the air during the festive shoot with Coronation Street actor Sam Aston and his wife Briony-and that’s not just because Christmas is imminent.

After recently announcing that their second child (brother of their 16-month-old son Sonny) is hoping to be together, the couple decides to exclusively reveal that they have a little girl. I am excited!

“It was a really great surprise because we could see another boy,” says 28-year-old Sam, who has played Chesney Brown on Cobbles since 2003.

However, they may soon become parents of boys and girls, which does not mean that the pair plans to stop by their two children.

Coronation Street actor Sam Aston and his wife Briony have announced exclusively that they are expecting a baby girl.

“After learning that we had a girl, we returned to the car and Sam tried to hit me with a fist, and said,” Cheers to complete our family! ” Briony, co-owner of Happy Baby Studios, thought, “No, no, just because each one isn’t over.”

But what is certain is that after Sunny entered the world six weeks earlier, the couple now wants a smoother job.

“I would like to give birth if possible, but thanks to the last time I have all the options. I know something can happen,” says Briony. “No matter what, we still feel positive about it.”

Here, Sam and Briony open up about the excitement of expecting a daughter, how Sam responded to the news of the second baby, and share their Christmas plans …

Congratulations on the news you are expecting a girl!

Briony: Thank you! It’s very exciting. You would have been happy either way, but that’s really great. I feel very lucky to have one for each.

Sam: It was a really great surprise because we could see another boy. I was quite shocked. It’s a 50/50 chance, so I don’t know why. I booked an early scan of a gender show party at Instascan 4D Baby in Padiham.

Briony’s family has twins, so when we got in, I was a little nervous and said, “There’s definitely only one there, right?” He said, “There is only one!” Then I told us it was a girl!

Why did you want to know what you have?

Briony: I wanted to get ready, excited and girly around the house. You can also prepare for when Sonny gets a little older. I think I couldn’t wait.

I don’t know how people do it! I’m too impatient. I found it with Sonny, but I only liked one boy’s name and no girl’s name.

This time I have a girl’s name, but not a boy’s name, so I think that’s what it means. But I was surprised to get pregnant again, so I’m very lucky.

Sam and Briony want to give birth with their second child

So were you not trying?

Briony: No, we were trying not to actually get pregnant! [Laughs] Just because Sonny was born prematurely, my concern was that they were too close together to give birth to another premature baby. But that just happened!

Like Sonny, I knew I was pregnant. Something was a little off and I wasn’t feeling well. I took the test, and obviously it was positive. It was a little shocking for Sam!

How did you talk to Sam, Briony?

Sam was sick and was sleeping in bed, so I listened to his mood and asked if he could get anything. He asked for water.

Last time, when I said that I was pregnant with Sunny, I made an egg and put it on the board that says “Daddy, it’s a good egg”, so I put water in the same board and put Sunny in it. On my waist.

I entered the room and said, “I’m glad you feel a little better …” and I just passed him a pregnancy test!

I think his exact word was “Are you laughing?” He said, “I have a pregnancy test every time I see it, so I need to burn the wooden board!”

Sam: I told you jokingly! Great news. I didn’t like it, but it was really good. In the case of Sonny, this was sudden, whereas it was planned as much as possible.

Briony: Yes, but I just wanted more. There is a way in the universe, and I think it happened for some reason. Don’t worry about trying it out. This is great.

Sam: It’s great that they grow up, are very close in age and can play together.

Briony, a yoga teacher who co-owns Happy Baby Studio, says she couldn’t wait until childbirth to find out what the couple was doing.

Briony, how are you feeling?

I’m fine and everything is going well. This time I felt sick, nauseated and tired, but I don’t know if it’s just chasing Sunny. That’s why I learned that there was a girl with a different feeling than when I was pregnant with Sony.

Sonny was 6 weeks early. Do you have a childbirth plan this time, or would you like to see what happens?

Sam: Plan A is to give birth.

Briony: That’s what I wanted from Sony, who gave birth to water at home. I like childbirth if possible and I think it’s really nice and calm, but thanks to the last time I have all the options open. I know something can happen.

Sam: Yes, I’ll prepare all the options. As you learned last time, if you make a plan and make a plan, you can put it out of the window. But that’s not all fate and darkness, we know it can still be a positive experience. We have to wait for what happens, but this time we hope Briony will be a full term.

Briony: No matter what happens, we still feel positive about it.

So you’re not nervous, Briony?

No, I’m really really excited. I teach a hypnosis class, which really helped me feel positive and empowered and get as prepared as possible. I continue to have the dream of giving birth, which is really exciting!

Briony feels “excited” about the birth of her baby girl

What do you think about being two people together?

Briony: I can’t be more chaotic …

Sam: That’s right, but let’s see! When Briony matures, it will take 21 months between Sonny and her new baby.

We are not naive to the fact that it can sometimes be difficult and challenging, but the joy they bring outweighs it. I’m one of nine and I’m sure it’s okay because all were okay. When you talk about your love for them, it’s hard to put into words.

Sony is now at that age growing into a real cheeky chappy. He’s so funny-he learns how to stick us out his tongue and tries to make us laugh. very.

How do you think he will be an older brother?

Briony: He is very considerate and has a small doll to help him prepare. But at that moment, he keeps swinging it around!

Sam: We’ve been trying to explain to him to be kind to things for the baby. He puts his head on Bryony’s belly and keeps saying “baby”.

Briony: But to be fair, he lifts my dad’s top and says, “Baby!” [Laughs]

Sam: He loves our dog Piper so much that I think he will be a great person when the time comes.

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Did everyone on Coronation Street get excited about you, Sam?

Yes, everyone was very kind and supportive. In a way, I think people weren’t too shocked.

I think people know us, and since we are now the second baby, they think we’ll be double digits or something capricious-but it’s absolutely It won’t happen!

Briony: We’re not going to hit his parents, that’s for sure! It all depends on how many cars we can get – I want to fill the car!

Sam: I think two out of two people will be in a foreseeable mess.

The 28-year-old son believes his son Sunny will be a “great” brother.

Did anyone at work give you any advice on juggling your two kids?

Sam: I asked Andy Wiment a few questions and he was great. He has Tom and Holly, and their gaps are very similar. He was really happy for us.

He’s always a great friend and support system, and we talk a lot outside of work. She has a similar age difference, so I think I might have to call Brooke Vincent for some tips.

What are your plans for this Christmas?

Sam: We are alternating between meeting my family and Bryony’s family. This year I’m spending time with Bryony’s parents.

For my family, we need to be careful as the number of us is very large. Therefore, I move around the house every year. Host for a year, then another sibling, and so on. This year my sister is hosting and 27 people will be attending, depending on what happens at Covid.

Briony’s parents will have a more calm relationship. Briony’s mom loves to host and she does a very good job. There is no cooking or cleaning. It’s the ultimate chill out and switches off completely.

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Does this make you feel special as Sonny is old?

Briony: Yeah, he loves trees and lights. He keeps pointing to Santa we have in the living room and he’s crazy about it more this year because we have him a plate to put out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.

I was able to raise my head last year, but next year there will be something like that! It’s strange to think that next Christmas will be twice.

The couple say Christmas is their favorite time of the year, and this seems to be something special now Sony is getting older

What do you like about the holiday season?

Briony: Christmas day itself is great, but I love the accumulation. There are two trees, which will be set up in November. I love going to see Christmas lights and taking Sonny to the gardening center. We are always looking at the grinch!

Sam: I love relaxing by the fire, watching lots of Christmas movies, and perhaps eating food that isn’t very good for you.

We always have a two week vacation at Corrie for Christmas. We’re going to get them and it’s great to spend their quality family time. This is my favorite time of the year.

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Coronation Street's Sam Aston and his wife Bryony expect a baby girl: "We feel very lucky."

Source link Coronation Street's Sam Aston and his wife Bryony expect a baby girl: "We feel very lucky."

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