Coronation Street stars Elle Mulvaney and Harriet Bibby have a great night out

Coronation Street Stars El Mulvaney, Harriet Bibby, Tanisha Gory and James Jack Ryan are all enjoying the night together.

Jack, who recently returned to ITV Thorpe as Jacob Hay, shared photos of Harriet (23), Tanisha (19), and El (19) on Instagram. Make friends in real life.

The three women were all smiling when they enjoyed a break from the shooting schedule playing with their school friends on Collie’s cobblestones.

El Mulvaney – A person who recently surprised fans with selfies – It was also discovered that he would leave the bar later.

The star wore a long-sleeved floral dress, dark tights, and boots, so she enjoyed a good break away from the shooting job.

Harriet Bibby, El Mulvaney and Tanisha Gory were all smiling when they posed on the go out at night.

Ell wore a floral dress, dark tights and boots when she went out at night with Collie’s cast.

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Ell has been playing Amy Barlow on Coronation Street since 2010, and her character can get into trouble after the arrival of Jack’s character Jacob Hay.

Viewers will know Jacob as the villain who involved Simon (Alex Bain) in the drug trade. This eventually led to the arrival of Harvey Gaskel (Will Meller).

However, some fans think he could confuse Amy after the romance between the pair begins, even though he wants a new start.

The A duo has been discovered bravely confronting cold weather to shoot on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal Recently, I laughed and joked while enjoying an outdoor picnic.

The pair was found shooting a new scene

Collie’s location set, not far from Salford’s base of soap, wore a hamper full of picnic goods.

Elle and Jack also made friendships off the screen and They were found drinking coffee together During recent shooting.

Their next story is believed to further the pairing relationship, but when Amy rushes to the hospital for a drink, a disaster occurs.

Elle Mulvaney plays Amy Barlow in an ITV soap opera

Her parents Steve Macdonald and Tracy Barlow were afraid of the worst and came to the conclusion that she could have taken the drug. Jacob is a bad influence.

Jack recently explained at a press conference what he thought of his personality. “I think he will always be bound by his unpleasant past in some way.

“Whether you like him or not, I think it will be a decisive feature of what he moves forward, but he really wants to change. He really wants to be a better person and for himself. I want to create a new life. “

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Coronation Street stars Elle Mulvaney and Harriet Bibby have a great night out

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