Coronation Street star Sean Ward becomes homeless and “work runs out” for anti-vax views

previous Coronation Street actor Sean Ward His anti-vax view shared how he became homeless after not getting enough work.

Sean, 33, gave up on a four-bedroom home and explained how he decided to store things after he couldn’t get enough work and couldn’t pay the storage fee.

Star says he is now sleeping on a floor mattress in his friend’s spare room.

Actor Seans posted some photos of himself participating in the anti-vax protest earlier this year and has since shared on Instagram how he lost almost everything because of his beliefs.

He explained to his fans in a text post: No one hired me, either in front of or behind the camera. All my usual ways to make money stopped and I couldn’t pay the rent after all.

Sean Ward on Coronation Street became homeless after sharing his views on Antibacs

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“So I gave up my four-bed house and moved to my friend’s sofa. I had to put all my belongings in the storage. After a while, I couldn’t afford to pay the storage fee, about 4 Equivalent to about £ 500 after missing a weekly payment. Safestore UK has sold all its belongings.

“Sofas, bed frames, office supplies, desks, chairs, wardrobes, mirrors, all coats and clothes, and projectors.

“Everything to fill a family home. My life was in that storage unit. I lost it all. I was devastated, but who was my choice because it was my choice to speak up I couldn’t even ask for help.

“Fortunately, I took out the mattress in time and slept in my friend’s spare room for over a year. He gave me a safe space when I really needed it. I’m not paying this guy rent. I shed a lot of tears when I think it’s really great. “

Sean Ward played the bad boy Karam Logan in Collie
Sean Ward played the bad boy Karam Logan in Collie

He also revealed that he couldn’t afford to run his Honda Civic motor called his “Beautiful Jenny”, which was confiscated by the DVLA due to the lack of taxes.

Sean added: Yes! If I saved one life, that’s right. “

The actor played as a column logan on Coronation Street from October 2014 to September 2015 and won the British Soap Awards Best Newcomer and Best Villan for his portrayals.

During the pandemic, the star was speaking out about his views online Arrested in September 2021 while participating in a campaign against vaccination in London..

The television personality was filmed outside the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). There, a group of people gathered to protest the vaccination of children.

Sean Ward says his work "dry up" For his anti-backs view
Sean Ward says his work is “depleted” because of his anti-vax view.

Earlier that day, the actor posted some clips of protesters in his Instagram story, on which he wrote, “Children don’t need an experimental jab.”

In another video, he shared: “We are in the MHRA building, so there are two people in the building …”

Then he talked about the woman in “I was injured by the vaccine” and “I want to talk to her” before the police locked the door and explained to his followers that no one would be able to get inside. ..

Sean added, “MHRA wants some answers.”

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Coronation Street star Sean Ward becomes homeless and "work runs out" for anti-vax views

Source link Coronation Street star Sean Ward becomes homeless and "work runs out" for anti-vax views

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