Coronation Street Roy Cropper Actor David Neilson “Checks ITV Soap Exit”

Coronation Street Actor David Neilson appeared to make sure he left the soap forever after the dramatic scene where he saw his character Roy leave the show.

In an episode last Wednesday, fans were put in an emotional state as Roy Cropper left an ITV soap opera in an emotional scene.

Now, actor David hinted that his exit was actually his last appearance on the program.

“I’m obviously 72 years old. When Collie aired Norris’s funeral, there was a scene where the hearse was pulled up. Because of Malcolm Hebden, I thought:” I’m really sorry I couldn’t do it.Again, “he said. In the soap.

“But for me there are two exits for this. One for the character and the other for David. Hopefully they won’t match. Probably they will.

Coronation Street fans wept when Roy Cropper left ITV soap in an emotional scene

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“I know Roy’s leaving will get a reaction. It’s a big part of your life and a lot of its popular culture. He’ll be remembered for a long time.”

Fans wept at Roy’s exit, and he said goodbye to his niece Nina, leaving the cobblestones and planning to move to South America to work as a chef.

Most recently, Roy is angry with his unconscious role in Natasha Blakeman’s death. The gun used to kill her was the same firearm that Abi Franklin bought to shoot Corey Brent.

Knowing that the police could identify the gun that the horrifying Abi was used to shoot Natasha, Roy advised her to clean up how she got it, but when the police arrived. , He lied to cover Abi again.

Coronation Street fans wept in Wednesday's episode as Roy Cropper left ITV soap in an emotional scene.
Roy left the cobblestones in his last tragic scene when he saw him take a taxi

But when Roy announced that he was leaving, Nina was immediately stunned. He arranged to tell the Weatherfield residents how much he meant to them and to persuade them to change their minds.

However, despite the gesture, Roy tried to leave late that night, but was disturbed by Nina as she tried to keep him back again.

After explaining the reason again, pointing out that there was always a roof overhead and money coming in, he asked if he could leave.

David Neilson has played Roy Cropper since 1995
David Neilson has played Roy Cropper since 1995

Sobbing Nina said: “Roy, don’t do this to me! You are the only person in the world I trust, and I love you!”

But when Roy still had the last glimpse of the cobblestones, he saw him take a taxi and left the cobblestones in his last tragic scene.

Coronation Street fans wept the scene when they took him to Twitter to share a broken heart about Roy’s departure.

One said, “Roy can’t leave,” and then cried the emoji.

Another devastated account states, “Never see Collie again. I need Roy in my life #Corrie.”

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Another upset viewer said, “Roy has left the street. # Collie will never be the same again. Goodbye Roy, you will never forget any legend. I think he will come back.” The emoji continued to comment and cry.

“Oh, I’m weeping. Roy Cropper is leaving Collie. He’s my favorite !! #coronationstreet #roycomeback #roycropper #corrie”, followed by another soap watcher adding. Emoji crying.

Coronation Street is ITV and continues on weekdays.

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Coronation Street Roy Cropper Actor David Neilson "Checks ITV Soap Exit"

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