Corey Gamble, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, accused Chloe of being “creepy” because he told him “I love her” after an “inappropriate” nickname.

Corey Gamble, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, was accused of being “creepy” for telling Khloe Kardashian “I love her.”

The repulsion occurs after giving 41-year-old Chloe an “inappropriate” nickname.


Corey was accused of being “creepy” after telling Chloe that she “loved” her.Credits: Instagram / Khloe Kardashian
Chris's boyfriend was previously called for giving Chloe an


Chris’s boyfriend was previously called for giving Chloe an “inappropriate” nickname.Credit: Getty

Chloe (37 years old) Instagram Share a sponsored post about the migraine drug Nurtec ODT on Thursday.

In the video, Chloe told his fans that he loves exercising and no longer has to worry about missing out on a migraine-preventing drug.

Along with the clip, the Kardashian Family Alum wrote:So i am very grateful @nurtecodt As my training partner! You can get rid of migraine pain in less than an hour! Go back to the gym and go back to Beast mode.thank you very much @nurtecodt!! “

Immediately after Chloe uploaded the post, Corey went to the comments section and shared his love with the reality star.

He writes: “And I love you!”

Many fans were offended by the affectionate comments, as one ironically replied, “It’s not creepy.”

Another said it “sounds creepy,” and the third simply commented “yes.”

The backlash continued when an Instagram user told Corey that the comment was “a little weird.”

An additional person added, “How inappropriate is it for you to post it about the weird ** creepy man of your female daughter?”

Chloe’s nickname

Corey posted a comment after he was He was accused of giving Chloe an “inappropriate” nickname.

Last month, Chloe shared some photos with Corey on Instagram and told him Happy Birthday.

She captioned the photo: “Happy Birthday @coreygamble !!!

“I hope you have the best days, years and lives !!! You have consistently incredible energy and are always there for everyone.

“You are always a party life. You can split for good! Cheers to you today and every day !!!”

Corey replied with a love heart emoji and commented again, “Thank you for the word bunny.”

Some of Chloe’s followers were surprised at the nickname he chose for her and named it “strange.”

One fan wrote, “Is this your sad attempt at humor?”

Another addition: “You are better than this.”

Romance of Chris and Corey

Chris, 66, and Corey started dating in 2014-just a year later Divorce with Caitlyn Jenner was decided.

While Corey regularly shows off their relationship on social media, the couple Recently celebrated Chris’ 66th birthday On his Instagram page, he writes:

“I love you deep babs. Cheers for decades of love and good health with your best mother.”

Chloe’s Baby Papa Drama

Corey showed her love for Chloe after receiving news that her baby dad, Tristan Thompson, had another woman pregnant.

Daily Mail First reported what personal trainer Larry Nichols has He sued 30-year-old Tristan for child support.

Marary, who is due to give birth on December 3, is said to have become pregnant with her baby on the NBA star’s 30th birthday.

At the time, Tristan Chloe claimed that he was “still dating.”

In Child support applicationThe Sacramento Kings player admitted to having sex with his personal trainer several times at a hotel in Houston after attending his birthday party together.

Marary She reportedly “had a special birthday surprise” for a famous athlete, “taken him to an event in her Maserati sports car” before returning to his hotel. ..

Tristan claimed that he knew that encounters would lead to sex, but that they were the only ones who were “intimate.”

However, Marary lawyers claimed that their case began about “five months” before the birthday attempt.

Recently, the following has been revealed: Tristan offers to pay $ 75,000 to Marary To keep quiet about her pregnancy.

Fans accused Corey of being


Fans accused Corey of being “creepy”Credits: Instagram / Khloe Kardashian
He has been dating Chloe's mom since 2014


He has been dating Chloe’s mom since 2014Credit: Getty
Chloe's baby dad recently got a third woman pregnant


Chloe’s baby dad recently got a third woman pregnantCredits: Getty Images-Getty
Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble dance in slowback video on a private jet

Corey Gamble, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, accused Chloe of being “creepy” because he told him “I love her” after an “inappropriate” nickname.

Source link Corey Gamble, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, accused Chloe of being “creepy” because he told him “I love her” after an “inappropriate” nickname.

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