Copenhagen: Swedish handball coach suspended for ‘airport bomb joke’

Joking about having a bomb in an airport can seriously ruin your day (Image: Getty Images)

We shouldn’t have to say this, but it’s really not a good idea to joke about bombs in an airport.

On too many occasions, people have been kicked off planes and airports evacuated due to reports of explosives.

Yet there are people who go through with it and make a joke as if nothing could go wrong.

But everything went very wrong for a Swedish national coach in Copenhagen who told the security that he had a bomb in his luggage.

He allegedly ‘became angry’ when asked what he had in his suitcase, and before he knew it a bomb disposal team was on the scene.

Terminal 2 of Kastrup Airport was evacuated by the police this morning after the passenger’s joke and was closed for an hour, Danish TV2 reports.

Nothing dangerous was found in the luggage of the 29-year-old man and the cordon was lifted, but travelers faced long queues when they were allowed back inside.

“We want to emphasize that you should not joke about this kind of thing, because we have to act on it,” Copenhagen police tweeted.

‘The owner of the bag has been arrested and charged with threats.’

Swedish national team spokesman Robert Wedberg told Sweden’s Sydsvenskan newspaper: “He has been fired, or removed from all his assignments… It is a police matter.”

Jokes about bombs in airports are definitely not a good idea, but even a member of security decided to crack one at Vienna International in 2019.

British humanitarian campaigner Ravi Singh felt humiliated when the staff member scanned his turban with a device and joked: ‘Yes, we found explosives’.

At that time, he told ‘If I made that comment, I would be thrown in jail. I was so upset.’

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Copenhagen: Swedish handball coach suspended for 'airport bomb joke'

Source link Copenhagen: Swedish handball coach suspended for 'airport bomb joke'

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