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COP26: Oil and gas drilling in the North Sea is a “challenge” for UK climate policy, says top UK executives.Climate news

Leading climate negotiators at the UK’s COP26 UN Climate Change Summit said that drilling new oil and gas in the North Sea would ensure that Britain’s domestic policies are perfectly aligned with its commitment to climate change. He told Sky News that it was one of the challenges.

In an exclusive interview just 6 weeks ago Important UN Conference, Sky News asked Archie Young if it would continue to grant a license to extract Fossil fuels of the North Sea The problem was weakening Britain’s moral authority when Britain couldn’t afford it.

He states: “There is always a challenge in ensuring that all elements of domestic policy are aligned and moving in the same direction.

Archie Young said Britain’s global leadership is recognized

“But in reality, I think our global leadership is recognized.”

“The United Kingdom is globally recognized for the fact that we have Reduce emissions It has increased by 44% since 1990.

“The steps taken to achieve COP26 during the pandemic have been recognized and have been promoted.

“I have regular conversations with counterparts around the world and are aware of the steps we have taken to continue this show to connect people.”

Young also defended Boris Johnson’s COP26 spokesman Allegra Stratton, who was accused of reducing the scale of the climate change challenge.

He states: “I have been our key climate negotiator for the past five years.

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“I live in a world of this climate where everyone, frankly, uses terms that most people don’t understand-and that’s not what I want to try-it’s sometimes the complexity of the problem. , It is also the process we have to provide it.

“So I welcome anyone who puts himself there, tries to really do this for people, and transforms the great global ambitions of the economy as a whole into everyday actions that we can all take. increase.”

Young emphasized the importance of affluent countries to provide $ 100 billion annually in climate funding to developing countries as a central issue for COP26’s success.

When asked about America’s apparent reluctance to increase its commitment, he emphasized that they recently promised to increase funding, and we were in the weeks ahead of COP26. We are expecting some positive signs.

“The $ 100 billion goal is really important and we are pushing donors to be incredibly difficult to achieve.”

For China, Young seemed to suggest that the world’s largest polluters are unlikely to change their commitment to net carbon emissions from 2060 to 2050.

He states: “They have made it clear that they have made a promise, and their priority is to provide them.

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“In fact, I think this is an important message for everyone. It’s not just about setting the best goals you can create, it’s about actually setting goals, and policies and measures to achieve them. I’m sure there is. “

When asked what was causing him to stay up late in connection with COP26, Young said: All faces, how to put them together around this common cause.

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“But it is crucial to bring them together so that they act fast enough to meet the demands of science. The IPCC is so clear about the need for urgent action that. The speed of change, that’s the point. We really need to go home. “

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COP26: Oil and gas drilling in the North Sea is a “challenge” for UK climate policy, says top UK executives.Climate news

Source COP26: Oil and gas drilling in the North Sea is a “challenge” for UK climate policy, says top UK executives.Climate news

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