Content reductions will help the BBC get on track and save £ 1 billion in 2021.UK news

The reduction in content and scope services has saved the BBC £ 1 billion this year, a report from the National Audit Office (NAO) found.

NAO has revealed that Kosha has reduced the amount of new broadcast television it offers to license payers and increased the number of repeats displayed on the three major television channels.

BBC 1 repeat shows increased by 22%. This is said to be part of a strategy for coping with changing viewing habits while working within a limited budget.

The BBC TV license alternative was excluded “for now” because the government “missed the boat” for reform.

Until September 2021 BBC It tried to limit the reduction of TV and radio content it provides.

However, the BBC estimates that 41% of annual savings are due to reduced content and service coverage.

NAO forecasts suggest that 12% of savings are due to revenue generation and 11% are due to schedule changes.

However, the BBC has improved access to content by extending the time the program is available on iPlayer and launching BBC Sounds.

The report states that the BBC is projected to exceed its initial target of £ 800 million and is on track to reach its £ 1 billion annual increase target.

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Gareth Davies, Head of NAO, said:

“But over the next few years, we need to address a variety of other challenges, especially the decline in viewership, while at the same time achieving significant savings.

“The BBC needs to ensure that the savings plan doesn’t further compromise its position on the viewer.”

The report also found that the BBC plans to embark on a new savings program between 2022 and 2023. This requires further reductions in content and services throughout the business.

When Holby City ends 23 years later in 2022, the BBC has announced that it will move more works across the country.

However, we are in talks with the government about the level of licensing fees for 2022, and the outcome of the negotiations may increase the savings we need to provide.

“The BBC has saved nearly £ 1 billion over the last five years, well above its original £ 800m target, and is the UK’s most used media organization, according to a statement from the BBC. It continues to exist.

“We will continue to focus on modernization, efficiency improvements, and prioritization of spending on a variety of high-quality content to ensure the value of money to all license payers. . “

Content reductions will help the BBC get on track and save £ 1 billion in 2021.UK news

Source link Content reductions will help the BBC get on track and save £ 1 billion in 2021.UK news

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