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Conservative MPs urge Boris Johnson to cross party gates as PM’s tour of India continues | Political news

Boris Johnson is due to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday as he investigates whether he misled parliament into blocking Downing Street parties.

It: Prime Minister will try to push the UK-India trade talks forward when he meets Mr. Modi In New Delhi, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between the two peoples for global peace and security.

He is expected to discuss new clean renewable energy cooperation, hoping to help India exit its imported oil.

This comes after it was confirmed that the Prime Minister will stand up to the parliamentary inquiry into whether he misled the deputies when he denied that the blocking rules were violated in Downing Street and Whitehall.

Political center. The Prime Minister will launch a new investigation

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson to face parliamentary inquiry to find out if he misled MPs over party members

Committee: to find out whether the Prime Minister cheated the parliament

The deputies supported the motion led by the Labor Party Calling on the Privileges Committee to investigate Mr Johnson’s conduct.

The motion was accepted without a vote.

Conservative lawmakers have previously been ordered to support the government’s attempt to postpone the vote until the Met Police’s civil servant Sue Gray’s investigation is completed.

Amid reports of a late turnaround in the debate shortly before the debate that many Tory MPs could revolt against the government, Community Leader Mark Spencer said Conservative MPs could vote as they wished on Labor mediation.

And as a blow to Mr. Johnson, former Secretary of State Steve Baker, an influential Conservative MP, earlier “The Prime Minister must leave long ago.”.

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Steve Baker has urged Boris Johnson to resign

Conservatives are urging Johnson to step down

At the same time, William Vrag, Conservative MP and chairman of the State Committee on Constitutional Affairs, confirmed that he had submitted a letter of no confidence to Mr. Johnson’s leadership.

“I can not reconcile the Prime Minister with the continued leadership of our country և Conservative Party,” he told lawmakers in a fierce speech to the Commons.

Speaking with Sky News political editor in India Beth Rigby. The Prime Minister insisted that “he has absolutely nothing to hide, to be honest.” when he tried to explain his decision to refuse to change the Government Labor Initiative.

“People said it was like we were trying to stop things. I did not want that. “I did not want people to be able to say that,” said Mr Johnson.

At the same time, responding to Mr. Baker’s call to resign, the Prime Minister added: “I know how people feel. I do not think that is the right thing to do. “

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Boris Johnson says that he “has nothing to hide” at the gates of the party.

The investigation will not be completed until the verdict is over Metro Police Investigation into the 12 events և The Privileges Committee will decide whether the Prime Minister is ignoring the parliament in order to mislead the MPs with his repeated denials about the blocking parties in Downing Street.

On Thursday, the Met confirmed that they would do so Do not publish further party updates before the May local elections.

Scotland Yard told Sky News that the investigation would continue and that officers would continue to offer fines, but the force would not publish media notices of referrals until the May 5 election.

But “No. 10” promised to confirm whether the Prime Minister or the Secretary of the Cabinet will receive a fine before next month’s elections.

So far, more than 50 fines have been imposed for blocking parties in Westminster.

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Last week, the Prime Minister, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, and Mr. Johnson’s wife, Carrie Johnson, were given notice of a fixed fine for attending an event dedicated to the Prime Minister’s 56th birthday.

The prime minister is thought to have been involved in more than a dozen events being investigated by Scotland Yard.

The Prime Minister is facing persistent calls from party members to resign This week he apologized to the deputies, expressing his regret.

Earlier Thursday, Mr. Sunak said he was “deeply and sincerely sorry” for the frustration caused by participating in an illegal gathering.

Speaking ahead of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting in Washington, D.C., Sunak apologized for the “injury-anger” he inflicted on his party fines, saying he had “always acted in good faith” in a parliamentary debate.

The Prime Minister missed a debate on his conduct in the House of Commons on Thursday as he began his two-day official visit to India.

On Friday, Mr. Johnson will discuss next-generation defense-security cooperation with Mr. Modi, support for new cyber-built fighter jets on land, sea, air, and space, including Indian-designed.

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Boris Johnson is in India, where he is expected to offer to help reduce India’s dependence on Russian oil and defense equipment.

The UK will issue an open general export license to India, reducing bureaucracy and shortening defense delivery times.

The Virtual Center for Hydrogen Science և Innovation will also be launched to accelerate green hydrogen.

Before the meeting with the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Johnson said: “The world is facing growing threats from autonomous states seeking to undermine democracy, stifle free and fair trade, and undermine sovereignty.”

“Britain’s partnership with India is a beacon in these stormy seas. Our cooperation on issues that are important to our two countries, from climate change to energy security to defense, is vital as we look to the future.

“I look forward to discussing these issues with Prime Minister Modi in New Delhi today, working together to ensure a more secure, prosperous future for our two peoples.”

Conservative MPs urge Boris Johnson to cross party gates as PM’s tour of India continues | Political news

Source Conservative MPs urge Boris Johnson to cross party gates as PM’s tour of India continues | Political news

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