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Conservative Conference 2022 Alleged Homophobic Abuse At Tory LGBT Event In Birmingham

A Conservative Party member has been accused of using homophobic insults at a party celebrating LGBT diversity. Birmingham.

Several people have been ejected for allegedly using abusive language at a Reflex nightclub event.

Two sources told ITV News that one had to be escorted out of the venue for calling a gay man a ‘f**’ and another had two women. was called “dirty l*****”.

One of the victims told the station:

Tuesday night’s event was open to anyone with a security pass, including party members and lobbyists. Hundreds of people are said to have attended. LGBT chair conservativesElena Bunbury said:

“The staff at the venue were good at excluding people and would not tolerate it. We stand firm against hate crimes.”

Bunbury wrote on Twitter: We put on a free event, but it’s been ruined by a few people who feel they need to be abused.

“Thank you to those who have paid their respects. It means a lot.”

Jessica Zbinden-Webster, head of women’s division at LGBT Conservatives, tweeted: Photo: LGBT+ Conservative/PA

Jessica Zbinden-Webster, head of women for LGBT Conservatives, also tweeted: We made a list and checked it twice for her. ”

Anneliese Dodds, Secretary of State for Women and Equality, said: The Conservative Party must take these allegations seriously and investigate them urgently. Anyone found to have been involved in homophobic abuse must face disciplinary action.

“Hate crimes against LGBT+ people have doubled in the last five years under Conservative government. Labor will act by exacerbating all LGBT+ related hate crimes.”

A Conservative Party spokesperson said:

“If any person is found to be a member of the Party, we will promptly initiate an investigation.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/oct/05/homophobic-abuse-allegedly-used-tory-party-lgbt-event-birmingham Conservative Conference 2022 Alleged Homophobic Abuse At Tory LGBT Event In Birmingham

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