Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony LIVE: Latest updates as Birmingham 2022 kicks off

Queen’s Baton reaches Birmingham on eve of Commonwealth Games

The 2022 commonwealth games will start in Birmingham tonight with the Opening Ceremony at the redeveloped Alexander Stadium, which will host the Athletics from next week.

Just over 10 years after the memorable opening ceremony of the London Olympics, the creative team behind the show is set to shine a light on the talent and diversity of the West Midlands in a performance lasting around three hours. At its heart will be the Parade of Nations, as participating athletes from Commonwealth countries enter the stadium under their flag. Diver Jack Laugher and weightlifter Emily Campbell have been chosen as flag bearers for host country England.

More than 5,000 athletes will compete in 20 different sports to win 280 gold medals over the next 10 days. These Games will be the first global multi-sport event to have more women’s than men’s medals and will see the largest integrated para-sport program to date.

Follow all the latest updates from the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony below.


Lady Leshurr introduces Birmingham to the world

Rapper, singer, songwriter, general talent extraordinaire and Birmingham native, Lady Leshurr introduced Birmingham to the world.


Denise Lewis salutes Commonwealth Games volunteers

Heptathlon legend and Sydney 2000 gold medalist Denise Lewis is also part of the BBC coverage tonight and she hailed the volunteers who make Birmingham 2022 possible

“Over 40,000 volunteers wanted to be a part of this and that’s saying a lot,” says Lewis. “It just tells me how popular these Games are and how many people in the region want to be involved. It’s also their legacy, not just the athletes who compete.


Fans excited for the opening ceremony

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Comedy legend Lenny Henry talks about the Queen’s Baton Relay

Comedian and writer Lenny Henry took part in the Queen’s Baton Relay. The Dudley native is featured on BBC coverage and discussed his feelings about being a part of it all.

He said: “It was very, very exciting. I was emotionally drained at the end. The atmosphere, the Brummies, the big smiles. Great. It was such an exciting thing.

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The Alexandre stadium fills up

The Alexander Stadium is slowly filling up – the ceremony itself is expected to start around 8 p.m. The sense of excitement in Birmingham is already palpable.

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Opening ceremony about to begin

TV coverage is just beginning and the opening ceremony will begin sooner rather than later. A nice cultural montage of Birmingham to open the debates on the BBC.


Charles poses for selfies with Commonwealth Games athletes before the opening ceremony

Prince Charles posed for selfies and team photos with hundreds of athletes before the birmingham Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.

The Games open on Thursday, promising to be the UK’s biggest sporting festival since the London Olympics a decade ago.

The event will open in Birmingham later at the Alexander Stadium – where the Prince of Wales will be present, representing the Queen.

Previously, Charles has visited the Principal Athletes’ Village, meeting sportsmen and sportswomen from dozens of nations and posing for group photos with teams including Scotland, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and – naturally – Wales. .


Birmingham 2022 set to put on a show in uncertain Commonwealth Games future

The 2022 commonwealth games will start in Birmingham on Thursday, but for a long time they had no interested bidders at all. The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) called an emergency meeting two months before the application deadline in March 2014 as it sought a viable host willing to foot the bill.

Eventually, the Canadian city of Edmonton and the South African city of Durban came up with last-minute proposals, and when Edmonton later pulled out for lack of funding, Durban was anointed. Almost a century after Johannesburg lost its right to host for refusing to accept non-white athletes, the possibility of finally seeing a Commonwealth Games in Africa was a potential public relations coup, but Durban’s financial plan didn’t work out and he was stripped of the Games after a double audit.

So in 2017, following the Brexit referendum, the UK government spotted an opportunity to rejoice and wave flags, and decided the £800m cost was worth paying. Although Birmingham saved the day, there remain concerns over a lack of enthusiasm to host an expensive sporting mega-event with no guarantee of return on investment, as well as doubts over its place in the 21st century.


The Commonwealth Games are an archaic concept – it’s Britain’s consolation prize from Brexit

“Perhaps it’s because I’m not a huge sports fan – a bad start for a sports column, but run with me for a moment – that I never understood the point of the Commonwealth Games.

“They regularly and neatly fill the gaps in the cycle between the Olympics and as such, it’s a bit like eating between meals. The Commonwealth Games are the sarnie you could have between lunch and dinner, just to keep you going, but you could easily skip it. A little indulgence, if you will.

Sean O’Grady looks at the Commonwealth Games and their role in the 21st century ahead of tonight’s Opening Ceremony.


Sports Minister Nadine Dorries seems to forget the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

Nadine Dorries seemed to forget Glasgow 2014 commonwealth games as she spoke to Sky News in Birmingham to promote this year’s event.

The 2014 games saw over 7,000 athletes take part, making it the biggest sporting event ever held in Scotland.

“There hasn’t been anything this big in this country since the 2012 Olympics,” Ms Dorries said.

The Minister for Culture, Media and Sport also told the BBC that the UK “[has not] had the sense of a sporting occasion like this since the 2012 Olympics.”

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony LIVE: Latest updates as Birmingham 2022 kicks off

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