Common poker rules you must know

Poker is enjoyed by several punters across the far reaches of the globe. However, it is important to understand the common rules that guide this casino game before you start playing. After all, gameplays are guided by these rules. To get you started, this guide will provide an insight into the common poker rules, as well as some terminologies you should acquaint yourself with. Now, let’s dive in!

There are different poker rules you must know and the list below introduces some of these rules:

Poker Hand Rankings

Each game of poker is based on a common ranking of poker hands which determines who wins the pot. There are a variety of poker game types that use the common hand ranking in different ways. For example, low-ball poker uses the lowest hand as the most desirable hand. You can learn about the order of the strength of the poker hands when you check on the topic online.


Despite not having the best hand, you can win poker hands by bluffing your opponents. By betting in a manner that suggests your hand is better than it is, you are projecting confidence in your hand with the hope that your opponents fall for your tricks and believe you and fold rather than take you on with no care for whatever risk involved.


There is always a dealer in every round of poker. They are in charge of shuffling the deck of cards and dealing the cards to the players. Sometimes, this responsibility falls on the shoulders and the non-player for the entirety of the game. Without this, the players will only take turns being the dealer. What designates a dealer in each round is the dealer chip. This chip is passed on to another player after every round. Still, if the dealer is not a player, the chip is passed around since there are various betting rules that depend on the dealer’s location at the table.


Before playing poker, the game requires that players must put down a certain amount of money, which is referred to as buy-in. This represents the prize that is awarded to the winner. Buy-ins ensure that all the players have a stake and are motivated to play well to allow them to win the game.

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Usually, betting chips represent money and there are sometimes that players can put down more money during game sessions. However, players cannot cash out their chips until the conclusion of the game.


When it comes to betting in poker, there are several terminologies that must be discussed:

The actual betting commences when the players are dealt their cards. This begins with different players depending on the variant of poker. The players take turns – which is often clockwise – while betting. Some options are available every time the players take their turns.

If there is no money that was raised since a player’s last turn, they can check and this is passed to the next player. For a round with a blind bet, all the players can only check once they call the blind bet. Apart from this, if there is a certain amount that is raised since a player’s last turn, they can call and place a bet that is equal to the difference between the player’s last bet and the amount of the current bet.

Furthermore, it is also possible to raise the bet by placing a higher bet than the current bet. However, when a player refuses to bet, they fold. This implies that the player is out of the round. This is often a good strategy when a player knows they are less likely to win a round. Besides, some players might put all their chips into the pot. This is referred to as all-in. Certain rules guide this, depending on the variant of poker.


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