Comedian Joe Pasquale has replaced him, so Chase Bradley Walsh calls security

Bradley Walsh Was for a rude awakening after being replaced as a host of Tracking By a fellow comedian in the clip from the Sunday episode of the hit ITV show.

As the show’s opening credits ended and the lights dimmed, we heard a squeaky voice welcoming the viewers. Viewers quickly realized that it wasn’t Bradley.

“Hello, welcome to Chase. I’m Bradley Walsh, the luckiest guy on TV,” said his successor host when the camera zoomed in and revealed. Joe Pasquale, Added cheeky. “And once again, I ask a question that I can hardly read. Needless to say, I understand.”

Chase host Bradley Walsh has been replaced by comedian Joe Pasquale

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“Cut!” Safe! “I heard Bradley screaming with his back to the camera in the control room instead of his normal position in the studio.

Joe was immediately featured in some of the hilarious opening footage of Chase’s bloopers episode that aired over the weekend.

Returning to the control room, Bradley rolled the chair and introduced the show. “Yes, that’s me. It’s a real blood. I’m not really a director. I’ll only let you sit in a chair if you promise to touch nothing.”

Bradley didn’t seem to be impressed in the control room

The ITV star remained in the room throughout the episode, presenting interesting clips for fans to enjoy. This includes clips that Bradley was stripped off by the boxer while the player was painting.

Viewers were relieved when they realized that Bradley, who has been so popular as the lead actor in the game show since he first steered in 2009, wasn’t really replaced by Joe.

“We couldn’t replace Bradley Walsh in The Chase!” Commented one fan.

Joe was soon driven away by the security of the clips from Chase’s bloopers

“It doesn’t matter if you feel the worst, but Bradley Walsh in the chase bloopers will make you laugh very much!” Written by the second viewer.

This clip comes after Bradley recently revealed that his doctor warned him that he needed to change his habits to increase his chances of living longer.

The comedian realized that beyond his 60th birthday after his father’s death from heart disease at the age of 59 was a major milestone.

Bradley continued to host the rest of the bloopers from the control room

Bradley is currently following medical advice to cut alcohol and fatty foods, stick to a healthier diet, and maintain frequent exercises.

“I’m back in boxing training now. Full time. I weighed about a stone and a half,” Chase Star said. Sun In 2020.

“I was a time bomb. I have too much cholesterol. It’s a silent killer. The guy in my heart said,” Look, Brad, you need to be healthy. “

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Comedian Joe Pasquale has replaced him, so Chase Bradley Walsh calls security

Source link Comedian Joe Pasquale has replaced him, so Chase Bradley Walsh calls security

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