Come dance the “furious” boss, as Kacha Jones is afraid to visit the store and get the coronavirus.

The Strictly Come Dancing boss is said to have remained “furious” after Katya Jones was infected with Covid-19.

Her 31-year-old and her dance partner Nicola Adams, 38, were released from the show early today as they both went into quarantine in response to the news.

Insiders now claim that their boss is investigating how Katya may have been infected with the virus and claims that he “must have violated strict guidelines.” ..

The boss is reportedly angry after Kacha Jones was infected with the coronavirus.

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According to Sun Online, the pair, the first same-sex couple at the show, trained together on Monday and Tuesday – and Katya was positive that day.

Sources claimed that at least four other members of the show’s crew were also isolated after contact with Katya.

“The BBC’s top brass is in rebellion.

Nicola Adams and Katya had to withdraw from the show after a professional dancer tested positive

“Obviously, everyone is happy that Katya is okay, but they have incredibly strict rules for a reason – to keep everyone safe.

“Everyone thinks we have to follow the protocol all the time, and some say Katya clearly broke the rules.”

Insiders went on to explain that some members of the show believed that Katya could have been infected with a deadly virus after going out to grab a sandwich during a training break.

Nicola Adams and dance partner Kacha Jones
There is speculation that she caught it when she visited the store

Strictly Come Dancing Star HRVY showed off a bedroom with a very organized wardrobe in front of the family home. His father said he was adjusting the colors for his son.

“Katia lives alone in an apartment and people speculate if she caught it when she went to pick up a sandwich during a training break.

“Since then, the BBC has talked to all the celebrities and dancers and was told to bring their lunches,” they continued.

“Apparently, Katya was asymptomatic and they were all really delusional because it was a miracle that Nicola was dancing so closely that she didn’t receive it. Celebrities are also isolated as much as possible to the whole family. I asked for delivery at the supermarket.

Both Katya and Nicola shared their devastation after the news was reported

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“Because they knew that at least four people working on the show had to be quarantined-and obviously it could increase. It’s basically exactly the worst nightmare.”

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After the news was reported, Katya shared her devastation as stated in the statement. “Dancing with Nicola was an absolute inspiration. She gave her everything every week.

“Of course, I’m overwhelmed by leaving this road, but I made lifelong friends and loved every moment of this special journey. Good luck to all the rest of the couple! “

Come dance the "furious" boss, as Kacha Jones is afraid to visit the store and get the coronavirus.

Source link Come dance the "furious" boss, as Kacha Jones is afraid to visit the store and get the coronavirus.

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