Coleman medalist McKay is keen on kicking

Coleman medalist McKay is keen on kicking

Harry McKay has just won the Coleman medal, but Carlton’s pioneers believe he’s just getting started as he’s preparing to play an important role in the latest bid to change Bruce’s fate. I am.

23 years old insisted AFLGiven that former coach David Teague was eventually dismissed due to Carlton’s bad season, the major goal kicker award, which scored 58 goals in 19 games, left an empty feeling.

“I’m not that big of a limit or expectation (to myself), either personally or as a team, but what matters is the success of the team,” McKay said.

“Last year was clearly a challenging year. Personally, I saw some growth, but I think it was empty to some extent because I wasn’t playing well as a team.

“So my pure focus is to make sure I’m playing really well as a team and that connection on the forward line is really strong.”

McKay said he suffered a shoulder injury at the end of the season in August, but now feels nearly 100% in shape and has taken advantage of the off-season to improve the game.

“(I) are looking at all areas to be better: consistency and whatever it is, it will be bigger, stronger and faster,” he said.

“I definitely want to get better, and I’ll never be satisfied in a year or so.

“It was a good growth, but I think it’s just getting started.”

Carlton’s senior players were scheduled to return to training on Monday, but many attended pre-season sessions with young teammates under new coach Michael Voss.

Two years after Charlie Curnow was injured and devastated, McKay emphasized that Bruce was “away” from expectations such as returning to the final, while he was happy to start the preseason as usual.

“Vossy has put everyone on the same page and focused on building a very strong culture. Obviously, we’re introducing a new game plan and some systems,” he said. rice field.

“But at this point, we’re all working hard, just making sure everyone is connected and everyone is on the same page.

“Vossy is really big in good condition, so I don’t look back too much on the past, it’s the first day, and I’m giving my opinion from there.

“It’s really fresh and good for the group. It’s in good condition as there is no opinion from the past.

“So those who are well trained and raise their hands will be rewarded, play and go from there.”


Coleman medalist McKay is keen on kicking

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