Coleen Nolan says the cancer of “warrior” sister Linda is the “black cloud” of her family

Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan Called her sister Linda Nolan A “warrior” who continues to fight cancer even after being first diagnosed 15 years ago.

Colleen, 56- The person who introduced her new boyfriend Michael at this week’s OK! -Clarify how her family is currently behaving and elaborate on how 62-year-old Linda’s results were “very positive.” Despite her cancer being incurable..

“My sisters are doing really well. Linda is clearly still fighting cancer,” she said. understood!.. “But so far, all scans and all results are very positive.”

Colleen added: “And they can’t cure it, but she’s still responding very well to the treatment, and Linda is just a warrior.

Coleen Nolan calls her sister Linda a warrior in the fight against cancer

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“That is, you never know. She never looks good, she goes out more than I do, has a party, loves life, and it’s really nice to see.”

Loose Women’s host, who co-sponsored The Real Full Monty with Ashley Banjo, continues:

After 26 years of marriage, the disease killed Linda’s husband Brian Hudson in 2007 and her sister Bernie six years later.

Linda and Coleen’s sister Anne also recently fought cancer. She defeated breast cancer 20 years ago and was told that her breast lump was a new cancer and therefore curable. She officially announced in October 2020 that she had no cancer.

When Anne completed the chemotherapy, she knew that Linda would continue her treatment, so she felt sick of ringing the bell.

“Chemotherapy was absolutely horrifying to me, and I was very happy because it was finally over, but at the same time I felt terrible depression that Linda didn’t ring the bell with me.” She shared with the Daily Mail.

“I started chemotherapy a week before Linda, so she still has one more round left, but she told me.

Colleen and sister Linda depicted in Loose Women

Colleen went on to say that she “absolutely loved” participating in Real Full Monty, as she said it was a “really close to her heart” show.

“Obviously, cancer has had a huge impact on my family like many others,” she said.

“I really feel deep about the show.”

Linda Nolan was diagnosed with cancer 15 years ago

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She added: “When I have to take the girl out, it’s still nerve-wracking at the end, but it’s part of the show.

“I love it. That’s one of my favorites.”

He added that each year the singer receives a message from people who thank him for giving him the courage to check himself.

Coleen Nolan says Fulmonti has a place close to her heart

“It’s my fourth year to do that, and every year I get a message from people who check themselves and find lumps and go right away,” she told us.

“It saved the lives of many, and that’s all we want, just to know everything.

“So, yeah, it’s a show very close to my heart and it may last a long time.”

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Coleen Nolan says the cancer of "warrior" sister Linda is the "black cloud" of her family

Source link Coleen Nolan says the cancer of "warrior" sister Linda is the "black cloud" of her family

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