Coleen Nolan is open to spending Christmas day with Exe for children

Coleen Nolan During the celebration, she was open to spending Christmas days with her ex-husband for her children.

56-year-old Loose Women panelist, Recently, they had a four-year feud with their sisters and why they didn’t discuss it. I was asked about spending Christmas day with my ex.

Colleen, the mother of Jake (29) and Shane (33), is ready to celebrate her daughter’s father with her ex-husband Shane Ritchie and ex-Ray Fenzam Ciara (20). I made it clear.

I’m in the Mood for Dancing Hit Maker said:

Coleen Nolan opened her heart to spending Christmas day with her ex-husband

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“He comes to Christmas Eve every year and spends Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us. That’s great for Kiera and means you can meet her on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I also invite him and Christie.

“Whatever happens, I think it’s important to me. We’re all Christmas. Children are involved. Of course, it depends on how you divide.”

Loose female
Colleen reveals how it was “important” to her

Colleen separated from EastEnders Star Shane in 1999, married Ray in 2007, and said goodbye to the couple in 2018.

It was after Colleen shared her own views as the panel discussed family feuds and the number of people who tended to think more about those difficulties as Christmas approached.

Colleen recalled the four years she hadn’t talked to her sister after the fall, adding:

Nolan sisters
Colleen looks back on the four years she didn’t talk to her sister

“But it was amazing, as everyone who said it says,’But it’s a family,’ but you can’t always do it with your family.

“You have to go,’If they were friends, I would probably not talk to them about what happened or what was said.'”

Colleen admitted that his sister Bernie Nolan’s tragic death in 2013 made them aware that their feud was “stupid” and settled.

The TV star continued. “But it takes something sad or serious to actually get you going. This is ridiculous. For us, it was when Bernie died.

“Obviously we are all there and it lets you go,’in fact, this is ridiculous.'”

Coleen Nolan is open to spending Christmas day with Exe for children

Source link Coleen Nolan is open to spending Christmas day with Exe for children

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