Coleen Nolan introduces newcomer Michael Jones – and marriage is on the card

In the presence of Coleen Nolan Her rookie Michael Jones is like being with two teenagers who have fallen in love. The couple fell in love after swiping The Tinder to the right seven months ago. And they laugh at the entire interview and are so absorbed in spending time finishing each other’s writings.

Given that Loose female Star, 56, swore a man forever when he broke up with his husband Reifenzam in 2018. It’s nice to see the stars so dazzled. She openly admits that the date is over.Here-dedicated understood! VIP Readers-The engrossed duo open their relationship, talk about potential weddings, and give their views. Them Loose female Report.

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“It’s really exciting. That’s what I really thought would never happen again,” Colleen says about finding love with her new man.

She praises Michael, who works for the logistics of the supermarket chain, for bringing “calmness and peace” to her life, and is clearly excited that he has nothing to do with the entertainment world.

That said, 57-year-old Michael takes our photo shoot in his step at Colleen’s stunning home in the Chesher countryside.

“There is nothing to mislead him,” says proud Colleen. She silences the barking dogs Beck’s, Mika, and Buddy to announce their existence.

Both Colleen and Michael have been married before (Michael’s only marriage ended when he was in his thirties), but it’s clear that both are happier than ever.

Colleen finds love with rookie Michael Jones

But it’s not all sunlight and flowers. Colleen spent last week involved in a Loose Women drama.

She tells understood! Her upset about some co-stars, such as Stacey Solomon, who were “high and mighty” on the set and then denied the story, said they didn’t want to join the panel with her. ..

With her own approval, she was “really hurt” by the story, and her co-stars gave her when Stacey, Janet Street Porter, Brenda Edwards, and many other famous faces from the hit show. I am very grateful for the recovery, and screamed in her defense.

Here, Shane Jr. (33 years old), Jake (29 years old) (son with her first husband Shane Ritchie), Colleen, the mother of Ciara (20 years old), and her 20-year-old son Nico in a previous relationship. Michael (Michael) tells you everything about falling in love, blending families, and why future weddings are inevitable …

Michael, I’m glad to see you! Did you meet at The Tinder?

Michael: Yes. Obviously I recognized her picture when I looked at her profile. To be honest, I didn’t know much about her, but I knew she was in The Nolans and she was in Loose Women. I have never seen it.

Colleen: liar!You were an avid fan of the show [both laugh]..

Michael: It was a bit of a dilemma. You think, “I’m aware of her, so am I just swiping?” So I had to think about it and do it for the right reason – even a minute, thinking she would reply anyway. What was surprising to me was that the match came as soon as I swiped. In other words, she already liked me.

Colleen: How annoying? I wanted him to swipe first!

The couple beat it with the dating app The Tinder, and there was an immediate connection when they finally met at their local pub.

Tell us about your first date …

Michael: We met in a pub between where they live.

Colleen: I told the kids, “I’ll be home in an hour!” I’ve been to quite a few The Tinder dates, and they were all nice, but you soon know that it won’t be any more.

Do you think you weren’t at home an hour later? !!

Michael: We met around 5pm and were kicked out of the pub at 11pm!

Did you immediately know that it was something special?

both: Yes!

Colleen: We just didn’t stop talking. Michael: I was connected immediately. It was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?

Colleen: In the end, the pub owner said, “I’m not forcing you to leave, but I’m just taking my dog ​​for a walk.”He left us
In the pub!

Did you snob in the parking lot before you got home?

Colleen: Oh, he went for it!

Michael: You) liar!

Colleen: Knowing how I felt when I was walking back in the car, I thought, “Oh God, what are we doing now?”

Michael: And you kissed me.

Colleen: You) liar! We kissed the car.

Did you both think “this is it” when you were driving home?

Colleen: I knew he really liked it. The kids sent me a text message, “Are you still alive?” So when I returned, I told them, “I really, really like him.”

Loose Women’s star found it difficult to adapt to life with a new man

When did you know it was love?

Michael: It was a few months.

Colleen: And when he said that, I was just surprised. I always had a wobble and said I couldn’t see him.

Michael: She said she couldn’t see me and sent me a message, “Why didn’t you contact me?”

Colleen: I didn’t mean that!

Did you know that Colleen was a little scared?

Michael: Yes. It was clear that we liked each other very much, as we were together. I let her find my space.

Colleen: He never gave up on me.

So you were the first person to say I love you, Michael?

Michael: Yes, I did.

Colleen: It was that terrible moment that you were afraid of. I was really happy, but I thought, “I want to be sure, so I can’t say it yet.”

When did you say

Colleen: Shortly thereafter. I just thought, “I love him, so I want to tell him.” And it is now stronger and deeper every day.

You guys obviously make each other laugh a lot …

Colleen: To do. It’s been almost 7 months and we don’t have the first row yet. Except when we go shopping. You really get my nervousness.

Michael: Oh, you really are my vehicle too.

Colleen: He is one of the people who go. “Why do you buy them? These are £ 1 cheaper!”

They enjoy living with a mixed family

Colleen, you said that being with Michael awakened your sexual life …

Colleen: It’s just nice to know that I’m not dead from waist to bottom! It’s better than ever and everything is working fine. I feel great.

Michael: We are doing everything very well.

Colleen: I’m sitting in pajamas with no makeup, swollen eyes and herpes labialis, but he still sees me as the best I’ve had since sliced ​​bread. Usually I think, “You need to put on make-up, otherwise he won’t daydream or love me!” And Michael came in and he just looked at me like I had never seen before.

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Is it the best relationship that either of you have ever had?

Colleen: This definitely feels like the first time I’ve had a relationship as an emotionally mature woman. Very comfortable, nice and peaceful … the adjectives aren’t really enough.

How soon did you meet each other’s children?

Michael: I met Ciara within a few weeks. I went to a barbecue. And Jake and Shane. Everyone was great.

Colleen: And Michael’s son is amazing. He is a member of the family. He’s 6 feet 4 inches and I call him Baby Nico even though he’s 20!

Colleen admits that her children (Shane Jr., Jake, Ciara) were afraid to get injured again.

Colleen, is he getting along with your children?

Colleen: Yes. They terrorize him and he loves it! At first it was strange for my kids, especially Ciara. She only knew I was with her dad, Ray, and it wasn’t a very tactile and romantic relationship. Then I spent three or four years myself where it was just me and her. Then Michael came in and at first I wasn’t sure how to handle it. She wasn’t used to seeing men holding and hugging my hands.

Michael: She had a conversation with us.

What did she say?

Colleen: She sat both of us and took it all off her chest! She felt a little left behind. She said, “Every time I meet you, it’s Michael this and Michael it!” She was a little jealous. She missed time with her mom.

Michael: We chatted about it and confirmed that Coleen was spending time with Ciara and I was spending time with my son. But now everyone gelled together really well.

Michael, what does your son think about your relationship?

Michael: He was great. He wants me to be happy.

Colleen: My kids have seen me go through hell. They were afraid that I would be hurt again.

Have you met Ray, Michael?

Michael: I have, we work fine. We spent Christmas day together. I think we’ll go to a rugby game together next month!

Have you ever met Colleen’s first husband, Shane Richie?

Michael: I haven’t seen him yet.

Colleen: Shane is really happy for me.

Would you like to summarize what you like most about each other in one word?

Michael: She is very funny.

Colleen: interesting? Great, OK, I will be your clown! He brings so much peace and calm to the strange world I live in. And he feeds my goat!

The wedding they said OK is inevitable!

She says her first husband, Shane Richie, is really happy with her

Do you live together?

Colleen: not yet. Sometimes I think it should, and after an hour I palpitate and say “maybe not”.

Have you ever talked about marriage?

Colleen: everytime.He will go, “That’s really inevitable, isn’t it?” And I say “Yeah!”

Has he met your Loose Women co-star?

Michael: I met Jane [Moore], Ruth [Langsford], Kay [Adams], Dennis [Welch] And Brenda.

Colleen: When Brenda first met him, she gave him three times!

Last week there was a drama in which a colleague claimed that you were “high and powerful” …

Colleen: Sadly, my lawyer told me not to talk about it. I am taking legal action.

Following Loose Women’s drama report, her co-stars were very supportive.

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Stacy, Janet, Brenda, Dennis, Ruth, Carroll, Charlene White, and many others have screamed in support of you, but those reports must have been hurt …

Colleen: It really hurts. The girls were very supportive. Moreover, none of us at Loose Women have said that we do not work with anyone else. It was so upset!

You used to say that you’re closest to Brenda and Ruth, but is that still the case?

Colleen: Brenda, Ruth and Janet are the ones I always talk to.But I love Christine [Lampard].. I excluded her last time, and she said, “I thought I was your friend!” I ride them all. I never refuse to work with anyone.

Did you feel sad about Colleen when the story came out, Michael?

Michael: It’s really frustrating to see her explain a situation that has nothing to do with her.

Colleen: It’s scary. [Laughing] It’s the only time in seven months that I’ve seen Michael restless.

Michael: The annoying thing is that I couldn’t meet a nicer person. She is very generous and realistic. It’s ridiculous. I’ve been to Loose Women and everyone says the same thing. She is the best person to work with.

Colleen: I could never be “high and powerful” as my mother jumped out of the grave and beat me. I can’t stand any kind of diva. I had enough drama in my life, I don’t need it anymore! Now is my time of fun and no one is going to ruin it. I just want to live a quiet life with Michael, feed the goats and feed Ruth Wimin.

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Coleen Nolan introduces newcomer Michael Jones – and marriage is on the card

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