Coldplay will go on a battery-powered world tour for the first time next year after vowing not to do so unless it’s sustainable

COLDPLAY is embarking on Adventure Of A Lifetime on its next world tour. The tour features a kinetic energy stadium floor that transforms fan movements into energy to boost the power of the show.

group We announced our first tour in five years and vowed to power 100% renewable energy, including solar energy and recycled cooking oil.


Coldplay has announced Adventure Of A Lifetime, a groundbreaking world tour for the first time in five years. Frontmen Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson will be attending here.Credit: BackGrid


They stayed at Wembley Stadium for three nights, and some fans saw Chris’ girlfriend Dakota Johnson having a party on Wednesday night following the London premiere of her movie “Lost Daughter.” I did.Credit: Getty

They also promised to plant a tree for each ticket sold — expected to be in the millions at 30 shows.

Gig fans will also help power the set by riding kinetic bikes scattered around the venue that can be used to increase energy reserves.

Chris Martin His bandmates Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion announced a groundbreaking tour yesterday and released their ninth studio album, Music Of Spheres, today. Chris and the young people say, “Playing live and finding connections with people is the reason we exist as a band.”

They stayed at Wembley Stadium for three nights and some of their fans are Chris’s girlfriend. Dakota Johnson Following the London premiere of her movie “Lost Daughter”, he was seen having a party on Wednesday night.

They added: “We are very excited to be able to play songs together all the time. At the same time, we are very aware that the planet is facing a climate crisis.

“For the last two years, we’ve worked with environmental experts to make this tour as sustainable as possible and, more importantly, to take advantage of the tour’s potential to move things forward.

They say: “We can’t understand everything right, but we promise to do everything we can and share what we’ve learned.”

All the energy used by the sun at each venue, as well as dance and biking fans, will be stored in the first mobile rechargeable show battery. It was created in partnership with BMW using the car manufacturer’s recyclable i3 battery.

The tour, which begins on March 18 in Costa Rica, South America, is only responsible for half of Coldplay’s latest World Tour emissions in 2016.

They play around the world before arriving at Wembley in mid-August and will have their final UK show at Hampden Park in Glasgow on August 23.

The last time I talked to Chris, he said they wouldn’t tour until they could make it environmentally friendly, and they stopped by to make it happen.

I am looking forward to the actual operation. Gigfan wants to help his bike, but it’s a good idea to leave Lycra at home. .. ..


Chris Martin and his bandmates also promised to plant a tree for each ticket soldCredit: Getty

The wind of the hill blows

Becky Hill performed illness after suffering from food poisoning.

But her illness wasn’t the worst of her problems Remember singer Headlined Brixton Academy in South London on Wednesday.


Becky Hill performed ill at Brixton Academy in South London after having food poisoning on WednesdayCredit: Getty

She said on Instagram a few hours before the show:

“To make matters worse, there was a leak from the ceiling.

“Water just flows out of our light socket. It’s fun. There’s no electricity or water.”

After all, I think she’s worth a drink, but that may not be the best idea until she’s fully recovered.

Clooney reflects …

George Clooney confessed his 1997 turn because the movie turkey Batman & Robin’s Caped Crusader was a tragedy.

Looking back at the critical and commercial flop, he said: I wasn’t good at it, it wasn’t a good movie. “


Idris Elba admitted that he was speculating that he might: James bond That led to the decision to bring Luther to the big screen.

He will replay his role as DCI John Luther in the Netflix movie version of the hit BBC drama, with filming scheduled to begin next month.


Idris Elba admitted that speculation that he could be the next James Bond led to the decision to bring Luther to the big screen.Credit: Getty

Idris Said: “Writer Neil Cross and I had this ambition about four years ago, and it really came from those Bond rumors, everyone filmed in such a central position I wanted to see me.

“There, Neil and I sat down and looked at Luther and thought,’If we could do that, it could be a sick movie.'”

Idris had to appear in Luther in five series from 2010 to 2019 and had to return to the gym to strengthen his role.

He added to Spotify’s podcast Who We Be TALKS: “I’m currently training for that and will start working on November 1st.”

Dua duo jump in for future follow-up

Dua Lipa sat down secretly to work on her third album after international Covid restrictions delayed her tour.

Levitating singer She sent her hit collaborators Sarah Hudson and Clarence Coffee Jr. to London to write a record song with her.


Dua Lipa is working on a third album after the tour was delayed due to Covid’s restrictionsCredit: Getty

Dua, who spends time between Britain and Los Angeles, spent this week in the studio with a pair working on her No. 1 album, Future Nostalgia.

One source said: “Dua is on track and I don’t want to lose momentum. They have already come up with some great songs.

“But she’s a perfectionist and won’t release another record until she’s completely satisfied. Dua spends her time getting great music.”

She finally started her Future Nostalgia tour in February, two years behind schedule, with dates in the UK in April and May.

Some new songs when she goes on stage will be entertaining.

Elton Eds for No 1

SIR ELTON JOHN will win the No. 1 single for the first time in more than 16 years this afternoon, thanks to the collaboration with Dua Lipa, Cold Heart (PNAU remix).

Yesterday, with 24 hours to the final chart, the song sold 49,113 copies, surpassing 3,580 copies. Ed SheeranThe hit Shivers shifted 45,533 copies this week.

If Elton He finished Ed’s 15-week run No. 1 with four tops at Shivers and another 11 at Bad Habits.

The Candle in the Wind singer hasn’t had a chart-top single here since 2005 when she starred in the posthumous 2PAC single Ghetto Gospel. But Ed believes he was able to prevent his fellow Elton from reaching No. 1 if he so wished.

He said this week: There are a lot of signed CDs that you can drop on the chart and see if that doesn’t happen, but I want Elton to have No1. “


ABBA isn’t the only Swede to show in London. Darin, one of the top acts in their home country, is to hold concerts in the capital as well.

The Stockholm-born singer has seven No. 1 albums and will be performing a one-off show sold out at Bedford, South London on November 9th.


Swedish star Darin will have a one-off show sold out at Bedford, South London on November 9th.Credit: Rex

And it’s certain to feature the single Holding Me More, which will drop next Friday. Composed with songwriter Jamie Hartman. Lewis Capaldi When Celeste..

Darling count Sam smith As a fan, and now, he’s working to destroy Britain. In May he released his first English song in eight years, “Can’t Stay Away”.

ABBA Just a few days before his show, he will release his first album in 40 years, Voyage.

Their Digital Avatar Residency will begin next May at a dedicated Ava Arena in East London.

BRIT Awards 2021-Coldplay opens show with Higher Power

Coldplay will go on a battery-powered world tour for the first time next year after vowing not to do so unless it’s sustainable

Source link Coldplay will go on a battery-powered world tour for the first time next year after vowing not to do so unless it’s sustainable

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