Coda and Notion turn the heat on Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office apps have long been the main enterprise productivity tools, with Google Workspace as its main competitor. But newcomers have emerged in recent years who promise a new approach to document creation.

Two of the well-funded start-ups in charge – Coda and Notion – offer their state-of-the-art “all-in-one” workspace apps, which combine features of documents, spreadsheets, databases , wikis and many more into one interactive page possible. integrate data from multiple sources.

Both companies recently announced new features for their respective platforms as they seek to challenge productivity app holders.

“Coda and Notion have developed innovative approaches to collaborative document creation that aim to address the limitations of traditional spreadsheets and word processors – the need to enhance the user experience. enabling smart automation and tighter integration with existing workflows, ”said Raúl Castañón. , a senior analyst at 451 Research, a division of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

“These emerging ‘live documents’ are likely to have an impact on the competitive landscape and, for some companies, are a viable alternative to Google or Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration apps.”

Notion adds synchronized databases, team spaces

Notion, which launched its app in 2016 and has 25 million users, has unveiled many new features Block by block event this week.

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Coda and Notion turn the heat on Microsoft Office

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