Cloud Editions 21.2 allows organizations to grow with OpenText-

OpenText ™ (NASDAQ: OTEX), (TSX: OTEX) has announced the release of OpenText ™ Cloud Editions (CE) 21.2. This release was announced at OpenText World Europe during the opening keynote by OpenText CEO and CTO Mark J. Barrenechea.

“Last year we showed the importance of digital transformation for organizations of all sizes,” said Barrenechea. “Cloud Editions provides customers with flexible deployment options and secure, dedicated solutions, supports the latest work, connects to global commerce, and attracts customers in new ways. CE 21.2 innovations help customers grow We will be able to accelerate and stay ahead of the competition. “

OpenText Cloud Editions provides customers with choices to run their software anywhere through off-cloud, private cloud, public cloud platform of choice, or cloud API services. CE can be combined with professionally managed services to ensure success at each stage of information management. New features, use cases and enhancements are offered quarterly.

“Cloud technology enables organizational agility, virtual operations, business continuity and transforms Ashghal into a modern, intelligence-driven organization,” said Abeer Faleh SFAl-Hajri, CIO of Ashghal’s Public Works Department in Qatar. Says.

“OpenText is a one-stop shop for information management as an end-to-end strategy, helping Ashghal serve consumers faster,” added Abdulla Amiri, CTO and CIO Advisor. ..

New cloud platform for content services
Anchor CE21.2 is a new content services platform that enhances the latest work in the cloud. OpenText CoreContent and OpenText Case Management are fast, easy-to-deploy, multi-tenant cloud products that you can tailor to meet the needs of your own line-of-business, department, and industry.

Core Content is built to connect content to the systems and people who need it, and integrates with business applications already in use by customers, such as tight integration with SAP S / 4HANA® Public Cloud. Core Case Management is a no-code SaaS application that manages complex, unstructured processes that enable smarter, faster case resolution and a better customer and employee experience.

This solution combines content management, case management, and integration into lead applications to provide a unified approach to managing your organization’s content lifecycle in the context of formal and informal business processes.

There are also important updates across each OpenText cloud.

OpenText Content Cloud enhances your work by improving user productivity, process stability, and providing solutions that help you with regulatory compliance. In addition to core content and core case management, the key innovations in CE21.2 include:
· Core ™ for Federated Compliance extends governance to Microsoft Office 365, allowing organizations to simultaneously manage record policies and compliance across OpenText and Microsoft repositories, including SharePoint and OneDrive.
OpenText ™ eDOCS improves user productivity with smart profiling that automates the classification of content.
OpenText ™ Axcelerate ™ accelerates eDiscovery reviews and research, accelerates data ingestion, enhances culling, and enhances chat reviews.

OpenText Business Network Cloud connects your business to global commerce and trading networks through an integrated platform for streamlined connectivity, secure collaboration, and real-time business intelligence. The key innovations in CE21.2 are:
With over 60 new SAP S / 4HANA® API connectors for OpenText Trading Grid, enterprises can accelerate their SAP ECC-related migration projects. Trading Grid also enhances self-service testing capabilities to accelerate partner onboarding.
OpenText ™ Active Invoice with Compliance helps organizations meet country-specific tax and business regulatory compliance of electronic invoices with the required validation.
The OpenText IoT platform introduces mobile device provisioning for onboarding high-speed IoT devices and a new exception management dashboard to flag real-time events and streamline the management of large device groups.

OpenText Experience Cloud provides a single platform for up-to-date engagement throughout the customer journey. The key innovations in CE21.2 are:
OpenText ™ Exstream features new AI services that support compliance, streamlining, and efficiency by simplifying template maintenance, streamlining, and migrating document templates and content from other CCM solutions to Exstream.
OpenText Media Management introduces new features for seamless collaboration, including video markup and annotation, the ability to preview 360 spinsets, and intelligent asset recommendations.
The new integration between CX-E Voice and the Microsoft Teams Phone System facilitates a smooth transition to mixed unified communications (UC) deployments.

OpenText Security & Protection Cloud enhances cyber resilience by helping organizations better protect sensitive information, find evidence faster, mitigate risk, and detect and respond to cyber threats. The key innovations in CE21.2 are:
OpenText ™ Encase Forensic enhancements allow investigators and examiners to more quickly identify hard-to-find evidence, including support for social media artifacts and optical character recognition (OCR).
OpenText ™ EnCase Information Assurance (formerly EnCase eDiscovery) provides a streamlined user experience and improved user workflow through new web applications. Customers can collect data from Microsoft Teams through the new connector.
OpenText ™ EnCase ™ Endpoint Security incorporates BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Web Classification and Web Reputation Services. BrightCloud leverages historical and contextual data collected from over 283 million real-world endpoints to enable users to quickly and accurately identify and modify threats and malicious websites. ..
Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection (WBEP)’s updated management console for managed service providers (MSPs) and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) streamlines common management tasks.

OpenText Developer Cloud is a single source of Cloud API services that allows developers to quickly realize their ideas with powerful and reliable APIs. The key innovations in CE21.1 are:
We have strengthened the management function of tenant management and simplified the authentication of cross-service API service calls. This includes security and ease of use features that continue to enhance the overall developer experience.

Underpinning each cloud is OpenText Advanced Technologies. OpenText Magellan provides pre-built AI and ML components that can be deployed individually, and the OpenText AppWorks platform enables business and technology users to accelerate applications that improve efficiency, optimize employee skills, and provide insights. Can be built into. The main enhancements to CE21.2 are:

The Magellan Data Science Notebook provides extended AI with ML models that can be built via the SciKit-Learn framework. ML models can be published as REST API services and managed via the new intuitive Magellan ML model management tool.
Magellan Text Mining introduces compound AI to enable multiple models to leverage metadata against each other to provide more accurate analysis of AI-powered annotations such as PII recognition and sensitive content classification.
The OpenText ™ Contract Center provides enhanced full-text search capabilities for contract metadata to simplify authoring and improve usability.
Improved security, performance, and ease of use for the AppWorks platform. It includes AppWorks Case Accelerator’s new import utility that enables administrators to quickly implement quickstart packages to reduce time to value.

In addition, OpenText Output Transformation Server (OTS) and OpenText Document Accessibility introduce new managed cloud services to reduce costs and free resources by providing the expertise needed to manage cloud solutions.

Solutions built to meet unique industry requirements
In Cloud Edition 21.2, OpenText also released three new industry solutions aimed at supporting the needs of specific customers.
Remote access for energy and manufacturing from OpenText ™ provides real-time, synchronous access to relevant technical content stored in central repositories. This solution provides both energy and manufacturing employees with instant access to the latest versions of key documents from their mobile devices.
OpenText ™’s Digital Experience for Retail Banking (DXP) provides retail banks with superior digital content by providing relevant content to the core of all interactions with real-time context engagement based on customer activity, preferences, and priorities. Helps create an experience.
Asset intelligence tracking for manufacturing from OpenText ™ provides insights into the location and condition of a manufacturer’s assets, helping to reduce asset losses, improve logistics, and increase efficiency.

For more information on OpenText CE 21.2, please visit or visit the latest blog by Muhi Majzoub, OpenText’s Chief Product Officer.

Cloud Editions 21.2 allows organizations to grow with OpenText-

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