Cloud-based toolset to revolutionize school efficiency

IRIS central is the name of IRIS’s new cloud-based tool designed to help improve the functioning and efficiency of UK schools within multi-academy trusts.

Hopefully, the tool will help empower critical decision-making at the moment and reduce administrative burden amid more challenging Ofsted relationships.

IRIS Central will give trusts access to powerful and up-to-date analytics, enabling trust leaders to make better decisions for the benefit of students, staff, individual schools and the trust as a whole.

Real-time dashboards make it easier to spot trends so that trusts can understand where they are experiencing success and replicate it to other areas of the group. Or on the contrary, where there is a problem, intervene promptly.

currently there are 1.170 multi-academy in England who run at least two schools. Most (78%) of the trusts they plan to grow over the next 12 months and all schools in England are aiming for the academy state of trust by 2030. However, most education leaders have to manually organize data to create meaningful insights, taking critical time away from what matters most: improving students’ life chances.

This problem is accentuated during Ofsted’s critical reports, which 74% of teachers believe is associated with a huge amount of unnecessary extra work.

IRIS Central helps trusts shift their attention and time away from the arduous collection and organization of data, to use it to make critical decisions, so that they can drive impactful change as they embark on their growth path. With easy-to-access, near-real-time information, IRIS Central offers the opportunity to fundamentally change the way Trusts are managed as companies.

David Houghton, chief operating officer at Kernow learning, said: “As a trusted leader, we receive countless requests for reports that can take weeks to create; and this is precious time that we don’t have. IRIS Central offers us an efficient system that centralizes reporting, bringing all data together in one place and presenting the information as a complete set of data.

“Crucially, this reduces the time spent on administrative work and reduces the margin of error, maximizing production and minimizing the energy input. IRIS Central is an exciting and robust solution that is revolutionizing our central Trust databases. It grants our leaders the power to spend more time creating a better experience for our students. “

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Cloud-based toolset to revolutionize school efficiency

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