Close contacts with monkey flower cases ‘left in the dark’ as experts call for more support

Close contacts with infected people Monkey flower Health officials have been criticized for their lack of communication and support before they are isolated.

Public health experts and scientists said the government should offer financial assistance to people internally isolated for 21 days because it was found that one local council had already participated in paying for an illness for an infected man who could not work from home. And were told they would not be paid a salary.

With the increase in monkeypox cases in the UK – 106 infections reported as of Friday – it is estimated that hundreds of people have been told about self-isolation since the beginning of May.

The UK Health Insurance Agency (UKHSA) said it makes daily calls to infected persons and offers close contacts support.

However, a man from Leicester, whose neighbor’s home fell ill with a monkey blossom after visiting the Gran Canar Pride Festival, described his UKHSA case as a “farce” and said he had been waiting for several days for instructions from officials.

He said his resident developed symptoms after returning to the UK and went to the hospital for testing on May 24, but was told it was “probably just STIs” and “likely” to be a monkey flower caused by a virus. The next evening the test was confirmed as positive.

“They could not provide any important or helpful information and nothing about the house neighbors or close contacts,” a house neighbor told Independent.

“Then today [Thursday] At around 2pm they call him again and say that actually close contacts need self-isolation for 21 days and have taken all our phone numbers but me and others have not contacted us yet. This is all a farce. “

He said better support was needed for cases and their close contacts who were asked to stay home for three weeks because the virus has a long incubation time and symptoms can take several weeks to show.

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Independent Knows one case in England when a local council got involved to provide financial support to an infected individual who was unable to work from home and lost pay for three weeks.

“I think for the prevention of infectious diseases, people should not be out of pocket because of the actions they have to take,” said one health official who knows the case.

Gateshead Public Health Director Alice Wiseman said the issue of providing financial support to those affected by the recent monkey epidemic “allows for a broader discussion of how we manage sick pay and work-related needs.”

“We have a soldier culture, but often, because of infectious diseases, it is not right, because more labor will get sick,” he said.

“It makes no sense to isolate people if they can not,” said Katsurakis, a professor of evolution and genomics.

The monkey flower has spread to a number of countries


He added: “We do not know enough about how the virus spreads, so the financial support a small number of people need to minimize the risk for all of us is certainly a very small price, if one less. pleasure. The scripts are coming to an end. “

Sarah Pitt, a microbiologist at the University of Brighton, said: “Of course people need financial support when they need to be sick, for whatever reason.”

Will Welfer, UKHSA Incident Director, said: “Tracking contacts and requesting isolation if necessary helps limit the spread of monkeys in the UK.

“We know that isolation at home can be difficult, and we are incredibly grateful for the confirmed cases of monkeys being isolated in accordance with our advice. We stay in daily contact with the isolated to test their well-being. ”

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHSC) said that in special circumstances, local authorities may impose discretionary taxes on isolated individuals to facilitate the transmission of high-impact infectious disease to the community.

People who have contact with infected people are also offered a vaccine that is commonly used against chickenpox caused by a similar virus.

The strategy, known as ring vaccination, involves health care workers, sexual partners and pets.

Earlier this week, the UKHSA announced that it had purchased more than 20,000 doses of the chickenpox vaccine made by the Bavarian Nordic.

At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) said countries should take swift steps to curb the spread of monkeys and share data on vaccine supplies.

“We think that if we take the right measures now, we will probably be able to contain it easily,” Sylvie Bryndn, WHO’s director of global infectious disease preparedness, told the UN General Assembly.

Monkeypox is usually a mild viral infection that is endemic to West and Central Africa.

Close contacts with monkey flower cases ‘left in the dark’ as experts call for more support

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