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Climate change clash between Lembit Opik and John Grant over data | Great Britain |: news

Former politician Lambit Opic has continued to argue with senior lecturer John Grant over claims that the Earth has warmed so much since 1850.

Mr Opic discussed data showing that people living in Roman-medieval times had warmer temperatures than most people in Britain today.

Mr. Grant refused to agree with Mr. Lambit, refuting his claims, stating that the Earth was warmer in the Middle Ages, but in Northern Europe.

Climate change activist groups in the United Kingdom have recently come under increasing pressure from the British government to abandon fossil fuels to end the harmful effects of climate change on the global environment.

Mr. Opik told GB News. “The big picture here is that it has warmed up a bit since 1850, which is the end of the Little Ice Age, which is not really debatable.

“But now it is not even as warm as I am sure you will agree, you are a learned man, it is not even as warm as it was in the warm days of the Middle Ages, when it was the warm days of the Romans.

“So what we have now is actually colder than what has been recorded in human history այում In Britain, you know, it was warmer in Britain when the Romans were here, or are you going to deny that?”

Mr. Grant said. “No, I’m going to deny it. I would say that we are a little warmer than in the medieval hot period, the data show that this is so.

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“It was hot then, but when you look at it in Northern Europe, if you look at the whole world, the average temperature on the planet was not warmer.

“But it was warmer in Europe, so you have to look at it as global … You said the big picture, the big picture is that it was not much warmer.

“It was much cooler in other parts of the world then.”

Mr. Opik added. “Well, let’s say you’re right, let’s say you’re right, you do not deny that there are fluctuations in warmer periods, a medieval warm period, maybe a little warmer.

“I think it was a hot Roman period, maybe a little cooler, which was obviously warmer than it is now. You do not deny that, of course, և they are a wave.”

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Many British public figures, including members of the royal family, have called on the British to do more to save the environment.

Some of these public figures have been harshly criticized for trying to make everyone green, while they continue to use private jets to drive gas-filled cars.

Climate change activist Extinction Rebellion և Just Stop Oil is holding a rally in London this week to push the British government to give up fossil fuels.

The sister groups have faced a backlash from some members of British society for their disruptive protests in the country.

In order for the British to take their activities seriously, they are known to stick to buildings, block roads, and sometimes vandalize public property.

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There are more planned demonstrations by activist groups this summer, so you can expect chaos and disruption.

Just stop oil spokesman Lawrence Lesser said: It has been more than a year since Sir David King, the former chief scientific adviser of the United Kingdom, warned that “the next three or four years will determine the future of mankind.” However, the government refuses to do anything.

“As the climate deteriorates, so does the value of everything. That is why we want to unite the widest coalition we can, including the unions, the UK’s largest social movement, around specific demands that make carbon’s money back in people’s pockets.

“We encourage everyone to become active and join the movement now. Politicians will not save us. We must change history. Their time has passed. “Our time is now.”

Climate change clash between Lembit Opik and John Grant over data | Great Britain |: news

Source Climate change clash between Lembit Opik and John Grant over data | Great Britain |: news

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