Climate change: 4 ° C warming could risk a major collapse of ice around Antarctica, scientists say | Climate News

Experts warn that the ice surrounding Antarctica is at risk of collapsing when the Earth’s temperature rises by 4 degrees Celsius.

According to a survey by the University of Reading Antarctic Ice shelf areas can collapse, releasing “unimaginable amounts” of water into the ocean.

Scientists said limiting temperature rises to 2 ° C could halve endangered areas and avoid sea level spikes.

Survey results suggest that 4C warming could put 34% of the total area of ​​Antarctic ice shelves at risk of collapse.

Ice shelves are permanent floating ice sheets that connect to land, and most ice shelves surround the Antarctic coast.

Dr. Ella Gilbert of the University of Reading said: “Ice shelves are an important cushioning material that prevents land glaciers from freely flowing into the sea and contributes to sea level rise.

“When they collapse, it’s like a giant cork being removed from a bottle, allowing an unimaginable amount of water from glaciers to pour into the ocean.

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“We know that when melted ice accumulates on the surface of ice shelves, it can crush and collapse brilliantly.

“While previous studies gave the big picture in predicting Antarctic ice shelf decline, the new study uses modern modeling techniques to enter more detailed information and be more accurate. We provide forecasts. “

Dr. Gilbert emphasized the importance of limiting global warming by limiting global warming to less than 2 ° C below pre-industrial levels, as set out in the Paris Agreement. He added that he was doing it.

As part of the modeling study, researchers also identified that the Larsen Ice Shelf, the largest ice shelf remaining on the peninsula, is particularly endangered in warm climates.

They said other ice shelves facing this threat included Shackleton, Pine Island and Wilkins.

Dr. Gilbert added: “If temperatures continue to rise at current rates, more Antarctic ice shelves could be lost in the coming decades.

“Restricting warming is not only good for Antarctica. Maintaining ice shelves means less global sea level rise, which is good for all of us.”

Another study conducted by Durham University It was found that when the ice sheet melted, the sea level rose significantly.

The study found that melting ice caps raised oceans around the world by up to 18 meters.

During February An iceberg about the size of Bedfordshire Separated from Antarctica near the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

A 1,270 km2, 150 m thick frozen water mass separated from the Brunt Ice Shelf.

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Climate change: 4 ° C warming could risk a major collapse of ice around Antarctica, scientists say | Climate News

Source link Climate change: 4 ° C warming could risk a major collapse of ice around Antarctica, scientists say | Climate News

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