Chromebooks: Desktops you trust

I’ve been a Chromebook believer for over a decade now. A week ago, I was reminded of one of the basic reasons I use them: when a Chromebook fails, you can buy a new one and get back to work in minutes.

I was in Myrtle Beach, SC, on a half-vacation – that is, I was only working six hours a day – when my old Chromebook failed. I hoped he wasn’t dead. I thought maybe it was just relaxation or maybe stunned. So I tried everything: removing a USB drive, hard reset, hitting it, and shouting, “’ELLO POLLY !!!!! Testing! Testing! Testing! Testing! Here’s your nine o’clock alarm call! “


He was dead parrot; I mean Chromebook. He had kicked the bucket well.

Now, if this was a Windows laptop or even one of my favorites Dell XPS 13 running Ubuntu Linux 20.04, I would be in real trouble. That’s because not only would I have to buy a new one, but I would have to reinstall my apps and restore all my documents.

That’s no fun.

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Chromebooks: Desktops you trust

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