Christmas number 1 revealed by Lad Baby and Ed Sheeran & Elton John head-on in a chart-top battle

LadBaby delighted fans by taking the fourth top spot on the UK charts and winning the coveted Christmas No. 1 title before the big day.

In the fight against The Kunts, Adele, Ed Sheeran & Elton John, Lad Baby made history when announced as a winner. BBC Radio 1 Official Chart Show I played today.


Lad Baby wins first place four times in a rowCredit: PA


Elton and Ed have long been favorites for winning chartsCredit: PA


Lad Baby was keen to win the title for the fourth consecutive yearCredit: Youtube

last year, YouTuberLadBaby wins Christmas No. 1 slot in 2020 His song “Don’t Stop Me Eatin” features the journey’s rock anthem “Don’t Stop Billy Bin”.

Star (real name Mark Foil) wanted to win his fourth title with his wife Roxanne Foil and his two little sons.

Elton John and Ed Sheeran have also released their own Christmas track, Merry Christmas Every One.

To be on the safe side, Lad Baby’s track Sausage Rolls For Everyone also features a singing sensation, giving them the chance to pick up their new song and win the title twice.

according to Official chartEd Sheeran seems to have contacted Lad Baby in a Christmas collaboration plan, hoping to break the charts together.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson shocked the British with AF ***** C *** last year, but Boris Johnson still signed a contract with AF ***** C ***. I was hoping.

Elsewhere, Adele has also released the long-awaited album 30. Since its release, Easy On Me, I Drink Wine, and Oh My God songs have remained at the top of the charts.

The album reached number one on the world charts just days after hitting a streaming service in October after fans waited for the album for two years due to Covid’s delay.

Another artist with the shot is George Ezra, and his new single “Come on Home for Christmas” is a reworked version of Charles Brown’s hit in the 1960s.

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is Lovers”, Wham’s “Last Christmas” and Michael Bublé’s “All I Want for Christmas Is Lovers” are all on the list.

Christmas No. 1 has been held for over 70 years and competition continues to be fierce.

Al Martino first claimed honor at Here in My Heart in 1952. Since then, a procession of A-list names has joined the club.

The Beatles boasted four throughout the 1960s, but Paul McCartney regained his crown in 1977 with the Wings Dream Traveler.

More recently, the Spice Girls, Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams and Whitney Houston have won the festive competition.

Blobby took the top spot in 1993 and later worked with Bob before the X Factor television domination won Leona Lewis, Shayne Ward, Alexandra Burke, Matt Cardle, Sam Bailey, Leon Jackson, and Benhenou. Boob has arrived.

The public campaign saw the Rage Against the Machine Break, which took place in 2009. In a similar campaign, novelty act Lad Baby made three consecutive nabs.

This year, Elton and Ed have been long-time front runners in the competition, and according to music fans, the odds have worked in their favor.


Kunts also wanted to win the title at Boris Johnson Is STILL AF ***** C *** this year.
LadBaby defeated Mariah Carey and Wham with the single “Do n’t Stop Me Eating” to win Christmas number one for the third consecutive year.

Christmas number 1 revealed by Lad Baby and Ed Sheeran & Elton John head-on in a chart-top battle

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