Christine Quinn sings in an old clip, so it looks quite different

We’re used to seeing her look super attractive while she sells millions of dollars homes NetflixSelling sunsetHowever, Christine Quinn appears to have multiple talents on her sleeves.

An old clip sung by Christine Maroon 5 The song resurfaces and fans can’t get over how good her voice is.

I’m used to seeing Christine wearing a doll with appetizing expensive designer gear and heavy make-up, but in this old video, when she sits on the couch, her hair and make-up are soft and relaxing. I saw it.

The star sings her mashup, beloved by Maroon 5 and OneRepublic’s Counting Stars.

Christine Quinn looks completely different in the resurfaced video

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Christine has a friend playing the guitar and looks very different from her current original image. One Twitter user commented, “It can’t be Christine.”

It is unknown exactly when the clip was recorded.

In May, Christian and her husband, Christian Richard, welcomed a boy called Christian Georges du Monte.

Christine is known for her gorgeous style at the Netflix show

Reality star Christine, who recently launched a make-up line Shiate, Previously opened I found myself after becoming a mother.

She states: “I find it really exciting. I discover more about myself every day.

“Before I couldn’t or thought I couldn’t do this, it’s as if I could raise a human and give birth after becoming a mother. I got this!”

And when asked if there was anything about her motherhood that she found surprising, Christine revealed:

Christians and Christians dot on their adorable sons
Christians and Christians have recently become parents

Known for agitating more than her fair share of the drama, Christine’s fate at Selling Sunset is a play with fellow real estate agents Chris Shell Stows and Mary Fitzgerald at the Season 4 finale. After a typical bust-up, it wasn’t known to the viewer.

If things go wrong in real estate, maybe Christine can find a new career in the music industry?

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Christine Quinn sings in an old clip, so it looks quite different

Source link Christine Quinn sings in an old clip, so it looks quite different

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