Christine Quinn of Selling Sunset says her husband refuses to watch “manipulated” Netflix shows

Netflix Selling sunset This week, I returned to the Series 4 screen and, as expected, was treated by many of the dramatic highs and lows of being a fascinating realtor in Los Angeles.

Christine Quinn, 33, is one of the show’s outstanding agents with her eccentric fashion sense and one of the show’s most famous agents.

In the new series, Christine drops out with other agents in the Oppenheim Group, following her first motherhood experience after welcoming her son Christian to the world in May this year.

The star is now working on filming the show, revealing that her husband, Christian Richard, 41, a retired tech entrepreneur, has refused to see it.

Christine said her husband Christian would not see the new series of selling sunsets

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Talk to The Sunday Times, Christine revealed that her tech entrepreneur’s husband, Christian Richard, will not participate because the show claims to have been “edited, manipulated, rotated, and turned”. ..

Christine married a Christian at a luxury wedding in Series 3 of the Selling Sunset. It became clear that her husband was able to reach retirement age at just 38 years old after selling a technology company.

According to LinkedIn, Christian was the founder and CEO of a company called Foodler, a restaurant food delivery service that was acquired by GrubHub in 2017.

Regarding whether he felt pressured to return to the show, Christine added:I think it was a decision to go back

Christian and Christian married at a luxury ceremony during the previous series

“If I don’t tell my story, someone else will tell me it.”

Despite all the explosive dramas in the latest series of selling sunsets, Christine recently asked fans if she would appear after she appeared missing in the latest teaser trailer. After that, I confirmed that I would return to Season 5.

Christine, who posted on Twitter, wrote:

The new series follows Christine’s new motherhood experience and relationships with other realtors.

“I’m in every episode of Seasons 4 and 5 of Selling Sunset. The girls intentionally exclude me from the photo. I’m sitting on my cell phone and shooting a TV show. There’s more real work to do besides proving that 24/7. Everyone goes to see me. “

The official release date for the next season hasn’t been announced yet, but at least some of it has already been filmed, so fans want a release in early 2022.

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Christine Quinn of Selling Sunset says her husband refuses to watch "manipulated" Netflix shows

Source link Christine Quinn of Selling Sunset says her husband refuses to watch "manipulated" Netflix shows

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