Christine McGuinness’s Autism Diagnosis Enhances Marriage: “Paddy Relieved”

Christine McGuinness She bravely revealed that she had autism, as did her three children.

“I doubted it for a while, but I’ve never talked about it and never been asked about it,” she says. all right..

And while many would think such a diagnosis would put an obvious burden on family and relationships, Christine told us that in her case it was the exact opposite and actually strengthened her marriage to a comedian. increase Paddy field..

She explains: “He was really good. He was very reassuring to me and I was relieved. He said he had been known for several years and doubted it since we started learning about autism.” ..

Christine reveals that her diagnosis actually helped her marriage, rather than causing problems

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The couple began studying autism because all three children were suffering, and Christine has done further research since writing her own memoirs about her life and her diagnosis. bottom.

Model 33 describes several ways in which her diagnosis affects family life in Paddy.

“There are a lot of little things in the house we’re remodeling, and he knows I like to make everything very simple and simple, so he now has a reason. I understand that. “

The couple’s three children have also been diagnosed with autism

She also finds it difficult to eat out in a restaurant with paddy fields because of the hardships of a large group, especially the social situation, and the hardships she has from school. Is called.

“He’s a real gourmet and loves to go to restaurants, but I don’t like it, and now he understands that I’m not difficult or spoiled. It’s what makes me overly comfortable. It’s not just a thing. “

Not only did the diagnosis feel “relieved”, but it also helped the couple better understand their three children.

Christine said: “It was a really good help for us and helped him understand more.”

Paddy and Christine have been in a better place since her diagnosis

Paddy and model Christine live in Cheshire with three children, twins Penelope and Leo, and Felicity, ages eight and five, all of whom have been diagnosed with autism.

In examining the memoir “Beautiful Nightmare,” Christine also found that she suffered from this condition because she had been worried about her social situation and food since she was a child.

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Christine McGuinness's Autism Diagnosis Enhances Marriage: "Paddy Relieved"

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