Christine McGuinness revealed she was diagnosed with autism “I’m not completely surprised”

Christine McGuinnessAutobiography, Beautiful nightmareIs full of revelation, and the latest excerpts serialized by The Mirror confirm that three mothers were diagnosed with autism as well as three children.

Twins Penelope and Leo, Christine sharing 8- and 5-year-old Felicity with her husband and TV presenter Paddy McGuinnessShe said she had autism and had “small hints” throughout her life that she was more like a child than “unimaginable.”

“My food problems, social struggles, indecision,” wrote a 33-year-old woman.

Christine confirms that she has been diagnosed with autism

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“The way I drift in my life reminds me of how my eldest daughter, Penelope, is. Now everything makes sense.

“And I’m not completely surprised by this news, but it’s still emotional to accept, but it’s also very reassuring.”

She was informed of the news by Sir Simon Baron-Cohen of the University of Cambridge.

Christine, He spent a tough childhood growing up in Hailwood and now lives in Cheshire. After completing the AQ Questionnaire, she was diagnosed by Sir Simon Baron-Cohen of the University of Cambridge in August.

“The scale goes from 0 to 50, and the average neurotypical person can score up to 15”, she told readers.

“My husband was banging on average, but my husband was 36.”

And after weeks of turmoil between finding her results and getting an official diagnosis, Sir Simon released her from “disastrous” and confirmed that Christine had autism.

She is removing positives from her condition

“And not only is it calm, I’m pretty high in the spectrum,” she said.

The three mothers went on to explain that while she is now feeling the relief, she also feels “really sad” to her younger self.

“I left without a GCSE because of my lack of concentration and hatred for school,” explained Christine.

TV stars have revealed that her various symptoms include food aversion, indecision, and social struggles, but there are many positive points she can get rid of from her condition. I added.

Christine, married to Paddy McGuinness, struggles to socialize

“I’m very creative and artistic and I like to draw crafts and pictures with my kids,” she said.

“In fact, the only lesson I liked at school was art.

“One of my greatest qualities is that I am very open-minded to people and I think they are really kind,” continued Christine.

Christine is the mother of three children, all with autism.
Christine is the mother of three children, all with autism.

“That’s what my kids have.”

Christine, on the other hand, outlines the positive things that a diagnosis can bring, such as when talking to three children about their condition. She hasn’t done it yet, but she can tell her that she also has autism.

But she is also worried about some negative effects.

“I don’t want to change myself, so I’m really worried about changing myself,” she said.

“I think it’s okay, but I’ve lived a very suitable life for people with autism.

Christine is writing a book about her experience
Christine’s autobiography about her life can be pre-ordered

“Patrick’s career, our relationship, everything was a slow burner. This is great for me because I had a hard time dealing with sudden big changes.”

But she added that she wants her diagnosis to “provide a lot of benefits” and that it “inspires” others.

“I’m not easy, but I live with evidence that with a little grit, resilience, and a supportive family, anything can be achieved,” she writes.

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Christine McGuinness revealed she was diagnosed with autism "I'm not completely surprised"

Source link Christine McGuinness revealed she was diagnosed with autism "I'm not completely surprised"

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