Christine Lampard recalls heartache during pregnancy. She accused No10 of the “party” as “terribly unpleasant.”

Christine Lampard Last year, I remembered the difficulties she faced when she was forced to leave her family during Christmas time.

The 42-year-old star, who was pregnant at the time, couldn’t enjoy the festive period and shared excitement while her husband Frank Lampard (43) and her second child were preparing to arrive. I couldn’t do it and remained sad and lonely.

Lorraine’s guest host, who was six months pregnant with her son Freddie in December 2020, has already shared her three-year-old daughter Patricia Charlotte with her soccer player’s husband.

Who is the presenter now Recently opened to take her mother and sister for her first date with FrankSmashed the allegations at 10 Downing Street, which hosted an illegal Christmas party last year.

They are said to have decided to move on, despite orders that Prime Minister Boris Johnson stay home for the blockade of another coronavirus.

Christine Lampard ran into claims that No10 Downing Street held an illegal Christmas party during the blockade last December.

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The star appeared in Ruth Wimin to run the panel at the show on Wednesday, and the group was shocking video showing that some of the Downing Street office aides were laughing and laughing about their celebrations. We shared their thoughts on the video.

Christine began by sharing how she was “totally devastated” when the Prime Minister “cancelled” Christmas for families across the country last year.

The two mothers joined Brenda Edwards, Janet Street Porter, and Jane Moore to discuss an Allegra Stratton video about Bash at a press conference on December 18.

“For me, I think it’s really terribly upset,” Christine declared. “The majority of us have adhered to these terrifying rules that we all had to adopt in order to keep ourselves healthy.”

Christine said the video footage talking about the Christmas party on Downing Street was “terribly upset.”

Christine said she couldn’t find time during pregnancy and look hard at her family

Looking back at this time last year, Christine recalled: “I remember the press conference very vividly. I was pregnant at the time, so I will never forget it as long as I live.

“I didn’t see my family at all because I was pregnant. They didn’t see me pregnant. I had a toddler. Frank was about to quit football. …

“I couldn’t wait for Christmas. The light at the end of the year was a little flickering.”

The star went on to talk about her disappointment when Christmas was “cancelled” and that she couldn’t meet anyone.

Christine Lampard shares two children with her husband Frank Lampard

“I’m completely devastated. I’ve never seen a family on Christmas in my life,” Christine said, not even thinking of those who were actually “lost.” I went to number 10.

“It’s very disgusting for the rule makers to have wine and cheese behind the scenes,” Star added.

Christine and Frank welcomed their son Freddie to the world in March. They said they were “totally in love” with the new addition to their family.

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Christine Lampard recalls heartache during pregnancy. She accused No10 of the "party" as "terribly unpleasant."

Source link Christine Lampard recalls heartache during pregnancy. She accused No10 of the "party" as "terribly unpleasant."

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